Postcard from a Recipient of KWF:

"The gift of family time
is more precious than I can express. The past few months have been overwhelming.  This year has been a little "rainy" for me. A few of my friends reminded me that there are no rainbows without rain. We saw two rainbows on our drive to the lake and then again on the our final night there, we saw another rainbow over the lake. 

There is always, always, ALWAYS something too be thankful for. I'm deeply thankful for faith in God, hope in the future, and the love of family and friends!"  

We are thankful for volunteers, like Barb Kunkel, a Survivor and supporter of KWF.  Barb met Karen Wellington on a soccer field during their son's tryouts. 

In Barb's words, " In 2005, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  After countless tests, doctor's appointments and three surgeries, I was finally cancer free.  I am a SURVIVOR!!!   But, that is not the real journey that I would like to share. I want to tell you about the journey that made me who I am today.  

In 2007, my son went to soccer tryouts. There, I met a woman who would change the way I felt about my cancer.  We talked a while about our sons making the team.  I remember looking back at her as I was leaving.  We met for a reason....   Our sons didn't make the team that day. But, they became great friends. Later they attended the same high school, Summit Country Day. That is where I learned that Robby's mother, Karen had passed away.  I stood there remembering her face those few years ago. I still see her face. I honor her every time I am involved with an event.

I learned that her husband, Kent Wellington had started a Foundation in her honor - The Karen Wellington Foundation for LIVING with Breast Cancer and  I wanted to get involved. From there, we started the "Paint the Town Pink"  games at Summit. Our goal is to bring awareness to women. Women whose calendars are full of countless appointments for their health and it was our mission to put FUN  back on their calendars. 

We held a Breast Cancer Awareness game and Nominated a recipient for a Gift of FUN.   We are in our 8 th year and still giving the gift of FUN  throughout the year. This is a passion that brings me joy!  This takes me away from all the fears of Cancer. It inspires me to help women get through the pain and sadness. It makes me want to be a better person. Every day!"

to the many schools, organizations and supporters during
October's Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Arlinghaus Heating & Air, BoobieQ-KWF Dayton,  Celebrate LIVING-KWF Atlanta, 
Cincinnati Hills Ch ristian Academy Volley for LIVING, Dream Dinners, Dan Falke Ironman, 
Higher Gravity Crafthaus,   Hudson High School-KWF Cleveland, 
Johns Creek High School-KWF Atlanta,  Knicker's of Hyde Park,  Peace, Love & Little Donuts
KWF Cleveland, 
U niversity of Cincinnati Kappa Kappa Gama Sorority,
niversity of Cincinnati Pike Fraternity Coney Eating Contest, 
Revolution Brewing/Cavalier Distributing, Romauldo's Tailoring and Men's Store, 
St. Mary School Hyde Park,  St. Ursula Villa, Summit Country Day,  Swampwater Grill,
Tata Consultancy Services, Thomas More College Soccer, 
Turpin High School Football,
Valenti Salon,  Walnut Hills Volleyball 

Karen's Gift "Forever in Bloom"

April 14, 2018
The Renaissance Hotel ~ Cincinnati, Ohio

Special ticket pricing before December 31, 2017


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