The Yarmouth Art Guild

Hope is our opportunity to receive more peace, patience and guidance.

Look again at the glass. There's space to gain or loose...your choice.

At YAG we are hopeful and creative.

Exciting new things are being planned. Be encouraged as you read on about forthcoming plans.

Is Your Glass Half

Empty or Half Full?

From an Artist’s perspective . . . is this glass half empty or half full?

A word from your President, Joan: Hopefuly I will refrain from excessive "flowery words" ... however, quite frankly, how we view things - our perspective, can be a gift or a road of depression.

As artists we are blessed!

We view things in depth and attempt to see realistically. Sometimes there are grave observations and many times we are able to uncover beauty and hope beyond the common eye.

What do you see within yourself and the world?

May your artistic endeavors reveal and celebrate the good things in life.

Where there are problems, be part of the solution, not just critical.

Paint! Share! Teach!

Be Gracious!

Social Distancing will be followed.

Members who attend are asked to be sure they have received both vaccines.

We will wear masks.

Lunch by the Pond

Join YAG Artists for an afternoon social by the "Jebez Ned Pond" in West Yarmouth.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021 at 12:30 pm

Bring our own lunch and camera for pond photos. Our swan family have

been invited.

You may also bring paints and supplies for painting. We hope to have a teacher on hand to guide us. 

Share gifts, stories = fun! Cocktails at 4 pm. 

Reservations recommended (Car pool - 8 spots). 

Email Joan Johnson

Contact Pam DeYoung


Our 1st VP Pam DeYoung

reports things are beginning to open up. Sign up now for the months that are open. Check the YAG website for current list. []

Indoor displays are at: Oliver's, Yarmouth Town Hall, Cape Cod 5 and Libraries.


Wednesday, May 5th 

10 am - via ZOOM 

John Clayton (oil)

will be our Demo Artist

YAG Showcase - Pam DeYoung

The ZOOM Link will be mailed to all paid members. 

Guests may join - nominal fee of $5.


Jan Darcy is our Zoom expert!

Meeting will be recorded.

JJoan Shostak has been a YAG member since 1986 and has served on the Board of Directors for many years. She is a dear friend of so many!

We will be thinking of her as she regains her strength and good health!

Joan Shostak is doing okay...

Joan had a bad fall at home on Saturday. She unfortunately has a broken right shoulder. As of this writing, she is on her way to an orthopedic doctor. Her attitude, as usual, is just wonderful.

Joan is most brave and

optimistic at age 93!!

She told me she would LOVE to receive greeting cards from her YAG friends.

Please send your warm hopeful sentiments to our Joan . . .

Mrs. Joan Shostak

120 Homers Dock Rd.,

Yarmouth Port, MA 02675

Thank you all very much! Joan

Thank YOU

Faithful YAG Members!

We've overcome many obstacles

this past year!

Our Annual Dues are still only $40 and will soon be due again for the new year. If you've overlooked sending in your 2020 dues . . . they are long overdue. Kindly send asap!

Many thanks for your supportJoan

Yarmouth Art Guild

P.O. Box 235

So. Yarmouth, MA 02664



April 12, 2021


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