Tannenbaum's October Newsletter
Happy October! It's time for sweaters, pumpkins, and lots of candy. We can't help with any of those items, but we can help you get your home ready for the holidays and help you tackle some of your Christmas list early. October is such a fun month in the store; it is actually our busiest month and we start to see many items selling out. Even with that there are still plenty of items for you to create the perfect holiday display.
Happening in Door County this month.....
  • Oct 5-7 Art, Craft and Amish Quilt Show, Jacksonport
  • Oct 6-7 Pumpkin Patch Festival, Egg Harbor
  • Oct 6-8 Fall Fun Fest & Cider Pressing Party, Washington Island Farm Museum
  • Oct 6-7 Townline Art Fair, Ephraim
  • Oct 6 Tannenbaum Open House & Book Signing Event with reps from Christopher Radko & Fontanini
  • Oct 6 Seaquist Orchards Apple Festival
  • Oct 12-14 Sister Bay Fall Fest
  • Oct 13 Scavenger Hunt, Peninsula State Park
  • Oct 13 Fall Color Day, Ellison Bay
  • Oct 20 Door County Fall 50 Race
  • Oct 20 - 21 Ellison Bay Fall Art Crawl
  • Oct 26-27 Fish Creek Jack 'o Lantern Days
  • Oct 27 Thrills on Third, Sturgeon Bay
Happening at the Tannenbaum Holiday Shop this month.....
October 6th is our big open house for the year! This year we are excited to have Jan Ramussen, the illustrator of a Door County Night Before Christmas, DeeCee the Door County Freighter, and a Door County Coloring book, signing books from 11am-2pm.

We will also have representatives from Christopher Radko (11am-2pm) and Fontanini Nativities (11am-2pm) in the store to help you with your purchasing needs. We will also be having a drawing in the store that day, in addition to having coffee and cookies.

We know not everyone is able to make the trip up for the big event, so check out our Facebook page for an online drawing as well.
Vaillancourt Santa Exclusive
This year’s Vaillancourt Santa pays homage to all the amazing wineries in Door County. This Santa is carrying a case of wine he has collected along his Door County journeys. He also has a map highlighting some of the most popular Door County wineries. This Santa is wearing a red suited trimmed in white and green. He is carry a "cherry pie" themed bag. This Santa is perfect for Door County lovers and wine lovers!
We carry a large selection of nativities in our store but we have even more listed on our website. More specifically we have larger Fontanini nativity pieces (ranging from 5” up to 50”, the traditional size we carry in store is 5”). The larger sizes make for truly unique displays. So stop on over to our website and let us know what we can send you!
Who likes the smell of pumpkin?
This year we have a new fragrance, from Thymes, called Heirloom Pumpkin. This fragrance is a combination of warm pumpkin with hints of vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, and a little bit of caramel. Besides sounding like a delicious dessert, it smells great too! And who doesn't like the smell of pumpkin this time of year?
Personalizing Ornaments
Did you know that we personalize ornaments? In fact, most ornaments can be personalize (some are too dark or shiny, but otherwise most can be written on). Personalizing can be a wonderful way to distinguish who’s ornament is who’s. it can also be a nice way to remember when you bought a particular ornament. Some tips for personalizing ornaments 1) use a fine point marker, 2) keep it simple (there is only so much you can fit on an ornament), 3) if you make a mistake many times a pencil eraser or goo gone can help you erase your mistake (this works on most ornaments but not all). Finally, while we are happy to personalize an ornament for you, having something written in your own handwriting (especially if it is a gift) can make it extra special.
Byers Choice Santas
This month we wanted to highlight some of our fabulous Byers Choice Santas! We have nine new Santas this year and while we would love to talk to you about each one of them, we realize that will make our newsletter a little long. So we thought we would discuss a few of our favorites.  First up we have  Bald Santa with Letters. In the last few years our Bald Santa Carolers have been favorites with our customers. This year's features Santa in a red sweater and green pants, reading letters and holding toys. Of course Santa multitasks!
Next up is our Celebration Santa. This Santa is ready to ring in the New Year or celebrate one of your family's major events. With a red cape, red sweater, and green pants, this Santa is carrying a bottle of Champaign to contribute to the party. Byers created this Santa in honor of their 40th Anniversary that they are celebrating this year (just like us)!
We also have a Houndstooth Santa. This Santa is dashing in his black and white houndstooth pants and classic red coat trimmed in white fur. He has a black velvet hat and is carrying some sleigh bells. 
Finally we have our Wine Santa. This Santa is wearing a green coat with brown trim and carrying a bottle of his favorite Door County wine. Now, these are just a few of the new Santas. Stop by the store to see all our new Santas and other carolers!
Original Snow Village
Located in Asheville, North Carolina, the Reynolds Mansion is the family home of Senator Robert Reynolds who served in the US Senate from 1932-1945. While in Washington, Senator Reynolds became acquainted with Evalyn Walsh McLean, owner of the Hope Diamond, and eventually married her daughter Evalyn (Evie) Washington McLean. After the sudden and tragic death of Evie and Evalyn, the heir to the Hope Diamond became the daughter of Robert and Evie, Mamie Reynolds. In 1949 the famous necklace was sold by the Reynolds to jeweler Harry Winston. Harry Winston donated the Hope Diamond to the Smithsonian Museum in 1958 where it is still on permanent display today. To accessorize this mansion is Trekking The Backcountry , a couple of adventurous folks enjoy a hike with their adorable bulldog. 
Nobody captures the essence of “The Good Old Days” quite like Norman Rockwell, and, there’s no better Village to showcase that tradition than The Original Snow Village. Look through the front window of the Five & Dime ( Rockwell’s 5 &10 ) to the lunch counter where one of Rockwell’s most beloved artworks comes to life. The friendly police officer keeps careful watch over the “Runaway”, whose journey has most likely brought him not more than a few blocks from home. Don’t forget to pick up Norman Rockwell's "Christmas Packages," a man proving that an armload of packages and a puppy are too much to handle.
Peek inside the front window where one of Rockwell’s holiday favorites “Santa Looking at Two Sleeping Children” is portrayed in the window scene of Rockwell’s Christmas Eve . This Christmas classic is the perfect complement to the warm and welcoming holiday home. Finish off this scene with Norman Rockwell's "Grandfather & Snowman ," a grandson having a fun time replicating Grandpa with snow. Grandpa is delighted!
The rotating barber pole signifies to everyone on Main Street that Flattop Barbershop is the place for the best haircut in town. Weather a traditional trim or the latest in new style trends, the Flattop barbers are sure to give you the finest look for the holidays.  Not sure which style is right for you? Check the menu board outside! Look good, feel good! Complete the look with the Flattops Barbershop Quartet . Theses 4 gents are dressed in tradition quartet costumes, belting out carols on Main Street. 
A perfect complement to the rural themed buildings and accessories, the Village Feed & Supply features an overhead light, assisting farmers after a long day in the fields. Convenient hay bales are stacked alongside, while sacks of feed are irresistible to the friendly chicken on the front stoop. Signage is right on trend for the farm to table craze. To coordinate is the piece Morning Chores . Young farmer learns early that a toy tractor will get him anywhere he needs to go on the farm and makes feeding the chickens all the more fun!
The ice village in Snow Village continues to grow with Buck’s Fish Shack . Buck spends many an afternoon on the ice. Check out the sculpted tool, including ice augur and bait bucket.  This is a limited-edition piece, each one is hand-numbered. To accessorize this fish shack is the Catch Of The Day , showing a snowmobile making a fast, easy, and fun way to get out to the fish on a frozen lake.
Generosity is the theme for the new neighbors on Christmas Lane!  The Toy House , with over the top decorations, inspire visitors to leave a gift for the local toy drive.  Check out the colorful roof sign, with special spot lights illuminating the glitz. Tinsel garland, shiny balls, oversized yard décor and a lit tree make this fun-filled house an attraction that can’t be missed! This four piece set includes lit tree, a coordinating accessory “The Spirit Of Christmas”, sisal tree and bag of snow.
Home to one of the memorable scenes from the movie, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, the downtown Department Store is decked out for the holidays. Peek inside the front window at the depiction of Rusty finding Clark at the sales counter. Classic! To coordinate with your National Lampoon scenes, there is Alleluia , Alleluia shows Ellen, Audrey, and Rusty, wait for the pivotal moment when Clark finally gets the thousands of bulbs on the house to light.
To complete your village scene, sometimes you just need a few extra accessories. This year, there are multiple new accessory pieces that can be added in with any houses/villages. First, we have the Snow Village Gate , featuring two lit lanterns at the entrance and a door that replicates an iron gate designed to complement the architecture of this series. Logo type sign welcomes both residents & visitors to this charming place we know & love as Snow Village. Second is this year’s Santa Comes To Town, 2018 , a dated annual captures Santa reading some of the many letters he receives while compiling the naughty and nice lists. Includes battery pack to light the table top lantern. Spy the cute kitty, snuggling during a long winter’s nap underneath the table. Finally we have the Family Sedan , a bright white luxury sedan getting ready for a trip over the river and through the woods. 
Tannenbaum's Reading Corner
Since the addition of Evelyn to our family, we have seen firsthand the joy that Curious George brings to children. This year, we bought multiple Curious George books to help your young reader celebrate the holidays. Last month, we told you about our Halloween books and this month we thought we would talk about our Thanksgiving book. Happy Thanksgiving Curious George , tells about the fun of getting ready for Thanksgiving. From Cooking the turkey and making pies, to watching the parade and making crafts, George sure does know how to get ready for the holiday! We also have other Curious George books for Halloween and Christmas; however, quantities are limited. All Curious George books come preapproved by Evelyn (age 4)
Gift Certificate Winner
This month's winner of a $50 gift certificate is..... Carol Diehl. Congratulations!
We are open seven days a week this month, so stop by the Tannenbaum on your fall getaway!

We'll be waiting for you!
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