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Phil Hintz 
Director of Technology 
Gurnee School District 56
CatchOn Testimony
CatchOn  was designed to help school districts meet and adapt to the changing cl assroom  educational needs and trends as they happen, through the use of real-time app and software data with cutting-edge technology. This administrative software provides granul ar evidence on what is going on digitall y in the teaching and learning environment, which in turn, allows district leaders to review prior to making data-rich decisions about app use, cost, and ROI.

As part of our new partnership d istricts can register for a free test drive now through  June 30th   here          

Special Buys
Microsoft Surface Price Drop
Surface brings all the best tools for teaching and learning together in one device, and now can be purchased
through Microsoft's Certified Refurbished program.
Our Microsoft Surface refurbished devices have been tested, certified and are covered by a 1 year manufacturer's warranty (extended warranty avail).
See pricing details here . Please contact CDW for more information.

Start Your Free Phishing Security Test
You will be able to immediately start your Free Phishing Security Test for up to 100 users. No need to talk to anyone. The phish-prone percentage is usually higher than you expect

KnowBe4 delivers 'new-school' security awareness training combined with set-it-and-forget-it simulated phishing attacks for an extremely effective user education program.

Sign up for your Free Test today.

Upcoming Webinars
Securly - Cloud Based Web Filtering & Student Safety for K-12.
Securly  has positioned itself as the only web filtering company that is focused on student safety beyond CIPA compliance.

Register today to learn more on how Securly can fit into your technology plans for the coming school year by attending the May 15th or May 31st webinar.  And don't forget we have special pricing now until June 30th for all ILTPP members.

Meet Otus - K-12's First Student Performance Platform
The Otus Student Performance Platform is a cloud based solution that provides three types of systems in a common platform:  
  • Learning Management
  • Digital Assessment
  • Data Warehousing
Register here for the May 11th for the Otus webinar.

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