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Did you know that the majority of our clients are between the ages of 36 and 55? These clients represent families whose lives have been disrupted by the pandemic, and many are starting their careers over again.

These clients not only need jobs to take care of their families, but they also need to be retrained to use their God-given talents in areas outside of where they thought they'd be working.

They are actively engaged job seekers who just want another chance to succeed. In the last year, even though we had to take all our job search services virtual, 74% more of those clients got jobs!

Your support gets these clients retrained and gives them the confidence that they have a purpose and a plan to succeed.

Watch this clip from Kelly's recent care management session.
The work is far from done.

Kelly and many of your neighbors need jobs. The journey for some of them is long and hard, but they are doing the work, bolstered by their care managers and your support.

They still need your help.

Impact a family's life right now! Time is running out!
Did you know...

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