There's a lot of news swirling around about vaccines and the hope that our lives will soon return to something resembling the "normal" we lost over a year ago.

For some, it is beginning to feel as though we're turning a corner.

There's hope.

But for a lot of local families, that new normal is going to look starkly different from what they left behind. Your neighbors are still struggling. They're still not sure where their next meal or paycheck is going to come from. Their recovery is going to take longer.
They are still hurting. They need a different kind of shot in the arm.

They need hope.

Your generous support of Christian HELP provides that hope. Our C.O.R.E. (Creating Opportunities through Resources and Employment) program is getting these families back on their feet and empowering their independence.

"Because of the pandemic I lost my job, I am grateful for your help. You fed us when my family needed it most." - Robert

Local families get access to individualized job search training, career planning, job boards, and job fairs (see below), connections to resources, the food pantry, and the support, encouragement, and prayer that is a blessing at a time like this.

"The job fair was amazing. I didn't realize there were so many opportunities. It opened a new door to my future." - Maria

Your support is reenergizing our community. You are having an impact on families, our neighbors, and the local economy.

It gets better!

Now, you can help twice as many families with your support. An anonymous donor has provided $50,000 to match your generous gifts through the end of April!

Let's be there for those families!

Every dollar changes lives.
Are you an employer looking for just the right candidates to fill open positions?

Or are you a job seeker trying to cut through all the red tape of the application process?

These are some of the biggest job fairs in Central Florida, and crucial to the regions economic recovery. This month, at least 50 companies hiring on the spot will meet with hundreds of eager candidates looking for their next opportunity.

Get in the game!

Go to for more information!