August 2020 | Special Announcement

Access, Inc. Would Like to Introduce You to
"Raycap" Surge and Signal Protection

Creating Innovative Solutions Worldwide
Access, Inc. is very pleased to introduce Raycap as our primary source for industrial-grade electrical surge protective devices (SPDs). Since Vertiv/Liebert sold the Liebert/ASCO surge business, we have been painstakingly researching SPD manufacturers to find a partner that meets our high standards of quality and service. Raycap exceeded our design expectations and has a solid foundation with quality US installations in the millions. Many of their SPD designs are patented and unlike most manufacturers, to control quality and delivery, they manufacture the MOV’s used in their systems. We also represent LSS which is the new brand name for the Liebert/ASCO SPD devices.
Raycap has decades of experience creating products that protect and support the world’s most valuable assets. They manufacture advanced surge protection solutions for telecommunications, renewable energy, transportation, defense and other applications worldwide. Raycap's commitment to advancing surge protection technologies is illustrated in the high performance SPDs they bring to market for all ranges of applications.
Highlighted is their patented Strikesorb technology, which not only provides protection against direct lightning strikes but most temporary overvoltages as well. The Rayvoss, RSE, ACData and ProTec and RayDat DinRail surge protector product lines and technologies, cover all low voltage AC, DC, Signal and Data-Line protection solutions that meet any customers’ operational or ROI demands. 
RayCap can Imagine It, Design It, Build It and Deliver It!
Raycap has a Global View but is Located Here in the U.S.A.
Operational excellence, the highest quality standards, rigorous inspection, supply chain management and consistent on-time delivery spell success for Raycap’s manufacturing group. Raycap works with leading organizations worldwide and continues to learn from them every day. To service its customers Raycap has created a high performing global manufacturing organization that is capable of meeting even the most demanding requirements of the most discerning customers. US Manufacturing capacities include: 10,000 square meters of manufacturing, warehouse and office space in N. Idaho USA; and two facilities totaling more than 20,000 sq. meters located in South Carolina, USA.