September 2020
BRRRRRR...... Time to think about heat!
We have these Detroit Radiant stainless steel infrared heaters in stock!
How does infrared heat work? Here's a little explanation!
Questions and Quotes:
Hey! Have you met Jason? Employee Spot Light
Jason Vosberg has been with Airlift Doors, Inc. for 27 years!!!

Jason is Airlift Door's production manager and is tasked with organizing production schedules, engineering custom projects, quality control, and managing inventory & stocking levels. He also manages and recruits warehouse employees and develops new manufacturing methods and procedures.
Jason is a diehard Minnesota sports fan, married with three kids, 2 dogs, & a cat. He enjoys all things BBQ, cooking for friends & family and spending time at the lake.
PRO TIP: Maintaining your weather seal around the doors is also another key step in protecting your equipment from the cold air outside when the door is down. If you are using pneumatic openers, it is a good idea to go with a drawbar style opener that is mounted on the ceiling to run your door. This way, the operator is out of the elements and because it is mounted to the ceiling it takes advantage of the rising heat to keep the operator warm at all times.  Operators mounted on the side of the door are more susceptible to the cold air entering the bay when the door cycles open.