There’s an App for That! MDCalc
By Judson Barber, MD
This month’s technology focus is about the MDCalc app. This is a general use medical app that is not specific to procedural sedation. While this app will have uses for you as a sedation provider, you will also find it helpful in other aspects of your clinical practice. If you’re like me, you also have a day (or in my case, night) job.
MDCalc, as the name suggests, helps you remember and perform medically-related calculations. Some of them are fairly simple, such as calculating maintenance IV fluid rates. Some of them are more involved, like calculating an observational pain score. The app also has functions that are not, strictly speaking, calculations. For example, it lists for you how to perform an ASA score or Modified Mallampati Classification (with diagrams). The app is customizable to show your favorite calculations and will suggest uses based on your chosen specialty (it lacks subspecialties such as PCC or PEM). It also includes a feature to help you search.
The MedCalc app is available to download for free to your mobile device or tablet from Apple’s App Store or Google Play. There is also a desktop version at
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