Save the Date for our Benefit
2016-2017 Annual Report
We're so grateful for everyone who contributed to our 2016-2017 program.  See the impact of your contributions in  our first ever Annual Report , available on our website now.
 Please allow the PDF a moment to load.
Be Your Own Superhero
Are you ready to soar? Our theme for Summer 2018 has been announced: Be Your Own Superhero! Our new  logo by Scott Nicholson Design shows how superheroes are all unique. Each hero has a power:

Star/Medal: courage, bravery, confidence
Lightbulb: imagination, creativity, problem solving
Heart: love, compassion, kindness
Sun: positivity, hope, uplifting
Eye: curiosity, watching out for others, protector

We're looking forward to seeing all the ways that Horizons' students and teachers put this theme into action this summer!
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