October 18, 2018


Today's the day! It is the #EveryoneNeedsID Day of Action to push House Ways and Means Chair Jeff Sánchez and House Speaker Robert DeLeo to move Senate Bill 2568 , An Act to provide identification to homeless youth and families forward during informal legislative sessions.

Thank you to everyone who already has taken action. If you haven't yet, there's still time.

There are three ways you can be involved. 

1. Contact Chairman Sánchez and Speaker DeLeo to urge them to take action to pass Senate Bill 2568.

By phone:
  • Chairman Sánchez: 617-722-2990
  • Speaker DeLeo: 617-722-2500

By mail:
  • A sample letter with room to add your own thoughts can be downloaded here. Print out two copies to mail to the State House.

By email:

2. Post on social media. One of the best ways to put pressure on our legislators is to show that people in their district and around the state are talking about this bill and want it to be passed.

Please download and share our campaign logo above or from here with the hashtag #EveryoneNeedsID and a link to our online action .

For longer posts, use the text below as a sample:

In order to complete typical life tasks such as opening a financial account, applying for jobs, and enrolling in education programs, people often need a state-issued ID card. As of right now, not only does it cost $25 for people to get a Mass ID, but there is also a requirement for applicants to prove Massachusetts residency to receive the card. This creates huge barriers to access for people experiencing homelessness in our communities. Senate Bill 2568, An Act to Provide Identification to Homeless Youth and Families, unanimously passed the Senate and is awaiting action by the House. This bill would waive the fee to get an ID card and create a process for people experiencing homelessness to use alternative proof of residency to get an ID. This is critical to giving rights and access to members of our community. Help us call on House Ways and Means Chair @jeffrey_sanchez and House @SpeakerDeLeo to move forward Senate Bill 2568. #EveryoneNeedsID

You also can join in our virtual event on Facebook , and invite others to do the same.

3. Send testimony to Molly Schulman at [email protected] to share why you think it’s important for this bill to be passed. You can use the letter template to help you get started . Molly will bring your letters to the State House on Monday to make sure your voice is heard!

Please share feedback after you have taken action by completing this simple feedback form or contacting Molly .

Please also stay tuned for more bill updates.

Thank you for your collaboration!   
In solidarity,
Molly Schulman
Community Organizer/Legislative Advocate

Kelly Turley
Associate Director