Lakeside Chautauqua 
November 2016
Your Support Today Helps Improve the Hoover Experience 
Each person passing through the gates experiences Lakeside in their own unique way. Wide-ranging programming across all four Chautauqua pillars engages the diverse interests of Lakesiders and guests of all ages.
One couple may take in a Chautauqua Lecture Series presentation and rent a sailboat, while another may escort children to God Squad, ballet class, the Wednesday Night Picnic and the Splash Park.
Some members of a family may spend a whole week taking Rhein Center classes and fishing on the dock, while the rest of the family wake up early each day for Yoga, sit in on the Faith for Living Hour and spend the afternoons walking the nature trails and weaving through the streets on bicycles until the whole family gathers in the evening for their annual shuffleboard tournament. The possibilities are endless.
Most often, no matter their other varied interests, Lakesiders come together in Hoover Auditorium.
Perhaps most recognizably a hub for the cultural arts pillar, Hoover hosts religious and educational programming, as well. Weekly worship services and lectures make use of the same space and technological systems as the arts performances.
As you may have already heard, Lakeside's 2016 #GivingTuesday initiative is focusing on Hoover.
Being able to bring in big name entertainers and modern acts that require more technology is simply one reason for raising money to enhance Hoover Auditorium's sound and lighting systems. Sunday worship services, chorale concerts, symphony performances, gallery shows, lectures and more will all be positively impacted by the technological enhancements.
"There are currently pockets in the auditorium and on the stage where it's difficult (maybe impossible) to hear clearly," explains the Rev. Dr. Ned Dewire, Director of Religious Life & Church Outreach. "Our Sound Engineer does a great job with the equipment we have, but new equipment that is better balanced for the Hoover stage and audience would be significantly better. Regarding the lighting system, during Hoover Community Worship, there are inevitable dark spots on the stage. The Chautauqua Choir members often struggle to read music because of the dim light. Upgrades to the lighting system would mean better lighting across the stage for everyone."
Also, in the interest of environmental stewardship and cost reduction, by beginning to replace our existing lighting with LED light fixtures, we will decrease Hoover's energy footprint, as well as reduce the heat generated by traditional lighting. No one enjoys those extra degrees on stage during a summer heat wave.
We invite you to join us today and consider making a donation towards the enhancement of future Hoover programming across all Chautauqua pillars. Become a VIP Supporter and share the Lakeside love.
To ensure that everyone who wishes to give a gift for #GivingTuesday can participate, we're working late to answer your questions and make sure every gift is accounted for. Call us at (419) 798-5396 or make an online donation now! You're also invited to make a check payable to the 'Lakeside Chautauqua Foundation,' Attn: Giving Tuesday, 236 Walnut Ave., Lakeside, Ohio 43440 with 'Giving Tuesday' in the memo line.
What is #GivingTuesday?
Lakeside Chautauqua has joined #GivingTuesday, a global day of giving.
Taking place on Tuesday, Nov. 29, it harnesses the collective power of non-profits, families, businesses and individuals to transform how people think about, talk about and participate in the giving season.
Coinciding with the Thanksgiving holiday and the kick-off of the holiday shopping season, #GivingTuesday reminds people about the importance of giving by inspiring them to improve their communities and support charities and causes.

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How to Participate

Make an online donation today or on Tuesday, Nov. 29.


Call (419) 798-5396 to give a gift over the phone.


Make a check payable to the 'Lakeside Chautauqua Foundation,' Attn: #GivingTuesday, 236 Walnut Ave., Lakeside, Ohio 43440 with '#GivingTuesday' in the memo line.


Share how your family is participating on Facebook and Twitter.