T Series Thermal Platform Systems
Thermal platforms offer the fastest, most convenient method of testing electronic components that may be heated and cooled by direct conduction.

´╗┐Not only do thermal plates offer much faster thermal cycling rates than environmental chambers, but cable connections, probing and tuning of the device under test is much
more easily accomplished.
The T600 thermal platform system is the traditional configuration offering a thermal plate with a separate & remote temperature controller.
  • Precision ground aluminum alloy thermal plate
  • Very fast heating & cooling ramp rates
  • Extremely efficient cooling channel design
  • Corrosion proof 304 stainless steel chassis
  • 2nd user device under test sensor
  • Ramp to set point & prog. ramp & soak profiling
  • Modbus RTU EIA(RS)-232/485 serial comms
  • Surface hard plated for extremely long wear
  • Comes with Configurator┬« utility software, molded serial cable & external 232 to 485 converter
Heating of the plate is provided by resistance elements and cooling by the expansion of liquid Carbon Dioxide (LCO2) or liquid Nitrogen (LN2) in a computer designed and CNC machined precision channel embedded within the platform.

Dry boxes utilizing a dry Nitrogen (GN2), or very dry air, purge the system allowing moisture and frost free testing below dew point. Ground & plated fixturing adapter plates, and our universal hold down clamping arm, are quick & easy ways to attach devices to our platform. Insulated supply hoses are also available.
A large variety of standard sizes insures quick delivery of a plate that is well suited to your test requirements. Additional standard features include precision grinding and hard plating of plate surfaces, threaded 18-8 stainless steel inserts for fixturing and a built-in thermal fail-safe system.
T Series Thermal Platform Systems
T600 - T650 - T700
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