Technology Tools To "UP" Your Notary Game
Keeping up with the times can sometimes be daunting or invigorating (for most of us, it's somewhere in the middle). But one thing we do know is that technology makes our notary lives easier. 😉

The following are some favorites being used widely by Notaries:

All-In-One Office Machine
Dealing with documents daily and notary work go hand-in-hand. You need a reliable and effective way to print and scan documents. Investing in a good all-in-one office machine is worth its weight in gold. Brother and HP tend to be the leading choices based on our recent research. 

Power Inverter
For mobile notaries who want to be truly “mobile” and take new assignments while on the road, there are various devices needed to adapt your vehicle for receiving, printing, and scanning documents.

External Hotspot Device
There are many options available, but your cell phone provider will be able to tell you the options based on your plan and what’s available in your area. Having personal Wi-Fi allows you to both download and upload documents remotely. It also provides secure Wi-Fi for those notaries performing e-notarizations.
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