6 districts develop strategic school design plans at the 2017 ERS Summer Summit 

Over three days, cross-functional teams from six districts grappled with two key questions:
How can our school system support every school to create a strategy for step-function improvement in student learning? And how should we significantly shift our resources to match this strategy? District leaders learned about tools and resources, heard from practitioners, and worked with their teams to create a plan that meets their district's unique needs.
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How high-performing, high-growth schools strategically design for success
Schools that beat the odds to help all students reach higher learning goals use people, time, technology, and money very differently than the status quo. While there is no single "right way" to organize resources, we have seen high-performing schools that serve high-need students shift resources to exemplify six common  design essentials.
One of ERS' most popular publications, we recently updated it to reflect our last two years of intensive work with schools.

One Indianapolis school's tale of strategic school design

Arlington Woods Elementary School in Indianapolis Public Schools was facing severe challenges. As part of a strategic school design process, the school's leaders asked: "What do we want the student and teacher experience to be? What do different types of learners need to be successful?" From there, the team embarked on a four-step process to set a vision and realign their resources to make it happen.  

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A principal and teacher share what makes professional learning work in their schools

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation spoke with Marianne Simon, a principal in Duval County Public Schools, and Daniel Cuellar, a teacher in Sanger Unified School District, to find out how curriculum, collaboration, and feedback help teachers grow professionally.

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Center for Reinventing Public Education

Unrealized Impact: The Case for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
- Xiomara Padamsee and Becky Crowe

for and the Council of Chief State School Officers 
Because our children deserve more than a few great schools.

Ensuring college and career readiness for all students, especially lower-income students and students of color, requires redesigning school systems to enable new ways of organizing schools for student and teacher learning. School System 20/20 is our vision for transforming school systems so every school succeeds for every student, because of the system - not in spite of it.



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