The Shumla elves from top left and around: Charles Koenig, Amanda Castaneda, Karen Steelman, Jessica Lee, Brenda Norman, Veronica Hackett, Missy Harrington

So Much Joy this Holiday Season!

Shumla has so much to celebrate as this year comes to a close. We just can't contain ourselves! 

Shumla elves Vicky Roberts and Jerod Roberts

Here's just a few highlights of what has made us so happy. 

In 2018, we:
And... we welcomed FOUR new Board Members to Shumla's Board of Directors at our December meeting.

From left: Carolyn Boyd, Charles Lohrmann, Kay Watt, David Graf, Elton Prewitt, Rob Clark, Lacy Finley, Pansy Price, Emil Zuberbueler, Cami Cadena, Nancy Kenmotsu

Join us in welcoming:
  • Cami Cadena - Del Rio - Cami grew up here and loves this land and its history. She lives and works in Del Rio and has been into the field with the Shumla team visiting rock art sites on her land. 
  • Nancy Kenmotsu - Yakima, WA - Nancy is an experienced Texas archaeologist and author of Shumla's National Historic Landmark nomination.
  • Charles Lohrmann - Austin - Charles is the editor of Texas Co-op Power magazine and former editor-in-chief and publisher of Texas Highways magazine and managing editor/associate publisher of Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine. 
  • Pansy V. Price - Austin - Pansy is a facilitator for women in technology, science, and legal fields, as well as, bee conservation.
Now you know why the Shumla elves are so merry! We are primed for great things in 2019. We can't wait!

Santa baby, slip a gigapanorama camera mount under the tree for me
Been an awful good team
Santa baby, and hurry down to Comstock tonight

Santa baby, a plasma oxidation vacuum pump too, light blue
I'll wait up for you, dear
Santa baby, so hurry down to Comstock tonight

Think of all the miles I've hiked
Think of all the cactus spines and lechuguilla spikes 
Next year I'll be just as good
If you'll increase our Facebook likes... boo boop bi do

Santa baby, I wanna document the rock art, a lot
Been an angel all year
Santa baby, so hurry down to Comstock tonight

Santa honey one thing that I really do need, the means
To meet the Summerlee match
Santa baby, so hurry down to Comstock tonight

Santa cutie, and fill my stocking with a new pledge and check
Sign your 'x' on the line
Santa cutie, and hurry down to Comstock tonight

Come and trim my Christmas tree
With some decorations bought at J & P 
I really do believe in you
Let's see if you believe in me

Santa baby, forgot to mention one little thing, a ring
I do mean on the phone (we love calls)
Santa baby, and hurry down to Comstock tonight 

Hurry down to Comstock tonight 
Hurry, tonight

Santa Baby, we need $20,000 to make the Summerlee match. Will you be our Santa?

Hurry down our virtual chimney, tonight:

from all of us at Shumla

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