Regular hand washing is one of the best ways to remove germs, avoid getting sick and prevent the spread of germs and flu to others, according to the Center for Disease Control. Find out the five things you can do to prevent the flu.
Knowledge for Life e-News          October 2016
Summer's haze has cleared and October skies sparkle crystal blue. Fall is such a beautiful time here in Kansas City. In this issue of K nowledge for Life we help you with the changing season. A special shout out to small business owners -- join us Oct. 18 as we bring in resources to answer your questions. The new 4-H year starts this month. Enroll now!
Five Key Things to Prevent the Flu
By kindergarten we had it down pat -- how to wash our hands. But do we really know how to prevent the spread of germs and avoid the flu? Here's the best way to suds up, what soap to use and why hand sanitizers aren't all they're cracked up to be.
The Dirty Truth About Hand Sanitizers
They're every where. They're convenient. But do they work? We tell you the dirty truth about hand sanitizers.
Clear JelĀ® for Homemade Pie Filling
Homemade canned pie filling requires a special ingredient that's hard to find -- Clear JelĀ®. We list some sources, including our office. If you'd like to can pie filling ahead of the holidays check it out.
Tuesday, Oct. 18
Help for Small Businesses
Calling all small business owners and entrepreneurs! KCSourceLink staff will be available at the Extension office from 1 - 4 pm to assist you with questions, assess your needs and make referrals to the appropriate resources. No appointment is necessary. Mark your calendars for Oct. 18.
Thursdays, Oct. 13, 20 & 27
Retirement Planning Today
This three-part course introduces concepts and practices that will help you gain control of your finances and enjoy a comfortable retirement. Learn important information about how to realize more from your investments, Social Security and retirement plans.
Oct. 20
Pond Management Workshop
Does your subdivision have a pond that scums over? Aquatic weed issues in ponds generate a lot of calls to our office. Learn more about pond management and specifically aquatic weed control at this free workshop -- light supper included.
Growing tomorrow's leaders
4-H Grows Here in Johnson County
Ninety percent of young people say they are concerned about the future leadership of America, and two-thirds are more confident in the next generation of leaders than in the leaders they see today. Here in Johnson County our 4-H Youth Development program strives to grow tomorrow's leaders. Find out more.
Enroll Now in 4-H
Mulch Mowing Saves Time When Dealing with Leaves
Soon the leaves will begin to change to their fall hues followed by the natural leaf drop. That means action must be taken in dealing with the fall out. Watch this short video on an innovative way of dealing with leaves to help reduce the workload. It is called mulch mowing and works well when the guidelines are followed.
Get a Jump on Spring Lawn Weeds
The best defense against lawn weeds is knowing the ideal time to treat for good control. Many of our spring flowering weeds such as dandelions and henbit are best treated in the fall. If you wait until spring they are more mature, harder to control and you run the risk of damaging other landscape plants.
How to Pick the Perfect Pumpkin
We all have our own favorites. Some like tall and skinny. Others like short and fat. Carving a jack-o-lantern? Baking a pie? We tell you how to pick the perfect pumpkin for this fall season.
Have You Gotten Your Free Soil Test?
Fall is a good time to test your soil. Johnson County residents are eligible for 1 free test per household. Ag producers and small acreage owners get 10 free tests. Find out how to get your free soil test here.

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