Updates on Merlin's KIDS
Ke'yair Update

Dexter has joined Ke'yair on emergency room and inpatient chemotherapy visits, providing comfort and helping with mobility as Ke'yair relearns to walk with his prosthetic leg. Thank you again to Campaign One at a Time and individual donors who made this match possible.

Each Merlin's KIDS service dog goes through extensive training before meeting their match, and once they meet their child, there are many more hours of training. The bond between child and dog is such an important foundation.

When a dog is placed, they have the minimum of these skills in their repertoire:

  • comfort
  • public access
  • restaurant and public venue manners
  • well-behaved around animals and humans
  • safe spot hold
  • perfect leash walking
  • mobility (when appropriate for size of dog)
  • nose work - scent detection
  • various levels of alerting to health conditions
  • assistance with various tasks
  • many more!

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Be assured that 100% of your gift, no matter how small, will make a difference in the life of someone who needs help to live a more independent life. All donations go directly to rescue, care, training and placement of a service dog. Our founder and executive director Janice Wolfe, volunteers her time and donates her resources. She hopes that you also can experience the heartwarming feeling she gets when she sees children and veterans making their way in a world that seems overwhelming to them at times. Help us do more and join us by giving what you can and knowing that this is a gift that will truly make a difference. 

Thank you!