Mission of Divine Mercy
 Monastery - Sanctuary - Retreat Center 

Mass this Sunday will be in Spanish.
Please pray for the women
who are making the Encounter.

They Need Our Prayers!

Our holy priests and religious (and perhaps especially those who aren't so holy but want to be better) need our prayers as never before. They are prime targets for Satan's attacks because they can be his greatest adversaries. Let us offer our prayers, Masses, our sufferings and our time in Adoration for them--- asking that the Lord endow them with His strength, power and light.

From the Second Day of the Divine Mercy Novena:

"Today bring to Me the souls of priests and religious,
and immerse them in My unfathomable mercy.
It was they who gave Me the strength to endure My bitter Passion.
Through them, as through channels,
My mercy flows out upon mankind."

Eternal Father, turn Your merciful gaze
upon the company of chosen ones in Your vineyard –
upon the souls of priests and religious;
and endow them with the strength of Your blessing.
For the love of the Heart of your Son in which they are enfolded,
impart to them Your power and light,
that they may be able to guide others in the way of salvation,

From Divine Mercy in My Soul: the Diary of St. Faustina
Our Hope
is in

Letters from Friends of the Mission
An Email from a Recent Retreatant

....I would like to give back as I received so much during my Encounter – it truly was an amazing experience. I’ve been on many retreats as a retreatant, team, and even a Director – but never have I had an experience like this – ever.

Father was absolutely correct when he said during retreats we feel that “explosion of fireworks”, I’ve always heard it referred to as “the Holy Spirit High”, but he was right – the fireworks fade. So his first talk when he said “you will not feel fireworks here, but I guarantee you that a seed will be planted” – yep. I loved every single second of my time with all the wonderful people who work so hard to offer this experience to us!! I didn’t want to leave!!! LOL!

My home life, caring for my mother and my father and working full time and just the day to day – doing everything for everyone because my mother and father can no longer do as they did (although my mother is coming along, slowly but surely after the stroke), .... – has taken a very big toll on me; mentally, emotionally, physically and even spiritually. Ordinarily I can barely peel myself out of bed just from exhaustion – and I wake up every morning with my body achy and in pain, I haven’t felt joy in quite some time. When I was on my Encounter, I had no aches or pain – I jumped outa bed at 3:40 AM ready to start my day with Jesus. I was never tired or exhausted, my mind didn’t race with the million tasks that I need to do daily – I was just at peace, I have not had peace or calming or rest or relaxation or just quiet in so long.

Father said we may leave feeling nothing, but I felt everything.

Jesus was with me, My Blessed Mother was with me – Jesus carried me through my own personal journey that weekend and I will never forget. Thank you God for inviting us to join you on this very special weekend!

Thank you!!!!

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Encounter With Jesus

Sept 20-23-- Women (Spanish)
Oct. 25-28 --Men (English)
Nov. 8-11 -- Women (English)

Men's (Spanish) retreat
is being rescheduled for the new year.
"Come to Me in Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. Come to Me in silence, and I will speak to your heart."
Jesus would be so pleased to spend time with you on:

Wed. 5-6 PM
Thur. 11-Noon

Please call Pat Fox to sign up for a weekly hour of Adoration. 830-214-3068
Deacon Gorman's Sunday Homily
Sept. 16, 2018
Deacon Gorman graciously agreed to deliver last Sunday's homily so that
Fr. John Mary could accomplish a pressing task.
COR JESU retreats are for people who have already made an Encounter With Jesus retreat.

Men -English

For more information and to register please go to

OR call
Sarah and Mariano Granados

The rain and the gifts
continue to fall gently upon us. We receive both with tremendous gratitude.
Thank you, God. Thank you, dear friends.
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