Being here in NC we still have some textile industry left, and sometimes that leads us to great deals with the contacts we have. Here is one on some great socks, and this is a perfect time to be stocking up on these socks!

These socks were made here in NC on a deal for a big outdoorbrand that we can't say the name of, and we made a deal to get the manufacturers overstock once they have filled the big order for the season. They are 80% Merino wool, 18% Nylon, 2% Spandex and are very thick and comfortable. These socks were labeled for the original customer with a price of $18.50 EACH! 

Get yours now- by the time cold weather comes this deal will be long gone. These are a perfect Christmas gift for those of you who think ahead- with the $18.50 per pair price tag on these it will look like you spent way more than you did too!