Face Mask Update 4/8/2020 Cleveland Clinic Mask Update

Store Hours
Tuesday thru Friday 12 pm to 2 pm
For drop off & pick up of mask materials

Please check our www.sewmuchfunandmore. COM FaceBook, or call 561-999-9992 for latest info

´╗┐Over 1000 face mask!!!!
(non medical & Cleveland Clinic)
& they WANT MORE!

We have kits ready for pick up!

Yeah I found some elastic!!!
700 yds of 1/4" elastic will be here the first of the week .

We made it to 1000!!!!!!............... but this is no time to quit.
Cleveland Clinic wants as many as we can make, and I continue to get calls from senior facilities who are in desperate need. They need more.
Before you start to sew get yourself a glass of wine, turn your favorite music on, sit down, take a few relaxing deep breaths and just relax before you start to sew. As you are sewing, know Cleveland Clinic, the senior centers, nursing homes etc. wearing the mask you made are very appreciative. You've helped save lives and have made all of us safer!

Last night CCH (Cleveland Clinic Hospital) dropped off another big bag of fabric (another load is coming tonight) and they left with 147 mask (to date -299). CCH is anticipating southeast Florida to be at is worst the first half of May. If you have friends that sew please pass this information along. The more the merrier and we all need breaks from sewing mask.

If anyone is having problems with their machine " not playing nice", :-) GEORGE will be in the store Friday morning. Please bring in your problem child to the store (preferably by Thursday - he leaves when he's done on Friday) and let him work his magic. Most machines are ready for pick up Friday afternoon (unless needs parts etc.)

A BIG THANKS to the hard working ladies who have spent countless hours measuring & cutting the fabric, cutting yarn & wire and assemble kits.
149 mask delivered 4/7
We still have a need for yarn cut into 36" pieces if anyone has some in their stash.

Here is a link to a video tutorial (along with the instructions) of the accordion style mask we are making.

PLEASE DO NOT USE PINS OF ANY KIND ON THE MASK as shown in the video. It's very important to not have holes in the mask. Use clover clips, binder clips, hair clips etc. to hold the pleats when sewing.

For those of you who are more adventurous, take a look at the 2nd video with the duck bill style mask. Let me know if your interested in making it. There will be kits but obviously will take more time to cut and sew than the accordion ones.

Many days we will be here beyond the 12 to 2 , so if you call please say you are calling about the mask and we will pick up if we are here. (We also get lots of robo and hang-up calls taking up time.)

We will update our web page and Facebook as we have more information, including when you can come pick up kits.

Thanks again for all your love and support!