May 2021
Making a Difference
Dear Friends,

Kathy and I have been asked to return to serve at the Nazarene Hospital in Papua New Guinea this summer. We are joining a team from Heart to Heart who were asked by the WHO to assist the PNG health department response to the Covid crisis there. This illness has caused some of the government hospitals to shut down as they could not cope. There has been a real surge in cases and deaths and Kudjip Nazarene Hospital is responding by opening up two covid wards and becoming a vaccination center. The medical staff there has been working very hard this last year and needs some relief as well. Other former medical missionaries have joined these teams too. We left Columbus on May 25th and will be in PNG for two months, returning at the end of July.

Please join us in prayer for our time there to be with God’s anointing, enablement and inspiration through our spirits, hands, words, and thoughts. We want to be a blessing to the station families and to the people of PNG. We need the Lord’s strength in new ways for the trip and the duties there. Kathy will be assisting in the vaccine clinic, and I will help in the hospital hopefully with some surgery and general medicine. Please pray for our minds to be sharp, our hands to be nimble, our feet to be swift and our spirits to be sweet. 

We are traveling with three other volunteers who have long term experience in PNG, Dr. Scott Dooley and Dr. and Mrs. Scott Pringle. Warren Neal who teaches nursing at MVNU is already in PNG having left with an earlier team.

We appreciate your prayers very much. Please feel to share this request as you feel led. We are trusting Jesus to use us both medically and spiritually. Pray too please for the medical and supplies we are taking for the hospital and mission family to get there safely and without duty.

Going “Outside the Camp” with Jesus (Hebrews 13:13),
Kathy and Jim Radcliffe

May 28, 2021
They MADE it! Five long flights and almost 50 hours of travel and they’re HERE! We let them hug all the grandkids and fed them a light lunch before sending them off for showers and naps. Thank you for the many prayers that were prayed during their travels! ~ Katherine Stevens Radcliffe

No quarantine necessary, they have an exemption from quarantine because they have come with a WHO/Heart to Heart group.~ Katherine Stevens Radcliffe

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