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October 22, 2015
Why we give: Sally & Mike Yost
#1 Reason? Tangible results and beautiful lands conserved
With over 1,000 members, there are as many reasons to support the Land Trust as there are members. This week, we chat with Mike and Sally Yost of Taylorsville. 

Mike & Sally Yost hiking
Mike and Sally Yost of Taylorsville exemplify the many ways that our members give of their time, treasure, and talent. We are grateful to them, and to YOU!

Mike and Sally helped found the Feather River Land Trust in 2000. And from making sure cows had water on the Maddalena Ranch, to leading the Board of Directors, to designing FRLT's logo, to Monthly Giving, they have been giving of their time, money, and talents ever since. Why? 

I give to the Land Trust because it's a local organization that does land conservation that's tangible--a person can see these properties that our giving has helped conserve. It's very rewarding. 

I also give because of the quality of the director, staff, and structure of the organization. And we keep going. Now we are nationally accredited--that puts FRLT in a new category of self-evaluation and awareness of how we do business. When I pay my bills each month, the Land Trust comes first.

The organization itself is so healthy and has been doing such 
good work through the yea rs. You know that the money you contribute is going to a good cause and is going to be spent on conserving land.

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Catalysts in the Effort To Save Olsen Barn
Members like the Yosts contributed creatively to make it happen

Art booth for Olsen Barn
Sally donated 10 paintings to raise funds for the conservation of Olsen Barn
Most recently, Mike and Sally found great satisfaction--and new friends--by rolling up their sleeves to help save the Olsen Barn and meadow.

They got creative and gave in many ways to make it happen (and so did more than 500 of you. Thank you!). Read more...

And in return? The satisfaction of knowing they (and you!) helped conserve a beautiful property for the community and wildlife for generations to come.

An unexpected benefit: Because so many of you got involved, they got to meet lots of interesting people. Sally says, "I've made new friends through this effort that I know will continue through my life."

Want to get more involved?  Read Sally & Mike's story. There are many ways to make a difference. And like the Yosts, you might be surprised by what you gain in return.
Fall Fun on the Heart K Ranch 
Saturday, October 24, 10am-4pm. REGISTER TODAY.
Trina Cunningham tending willows
Maidu walk with Trina Cunningham
Every year we gather at the glorious Heart K Ranch in Genesee Valley to visit with our friends and enjoy the crisp air and fall colors. 

This year we are inviting artists, hikers, and Heart K enthusiasts for a special en plein air art day, picnic lunch, music jam, and Maidu culture/nature walk with Trina Cunningham.  

The event starts at  10am  and goes until  3pm  or so. 

Call Karen or Vanessa at our office at 283-5758 if you have questions.  We look forward to being on the  land  with you.
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Get out on Conserved Lands
Fall is a great time to see raptors
Like this Kestrel + lunch captured by William Hall. Did you know that FRLT owns 3 properties (soon to be 4!) where you can walk, picnic, see an incredible diversity of birds and other wildlife?  See where to go.