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Has your insurance company contacted you asking for social security numbers for you and all family members covered under your health plan?  All the carriers are reaching out to members for this information and there is a good reason - they are required to provide the IRS with the social security number of all individuals covered by a qualified health insurance plan. As you know, under the Affordable Care Act any individual who does not have health insurance is subject to a penalty when they file their tax return.

At the end of 2015, your insurance company will provide you with a Form 1095-B (for individual members, group plans will receive different forms).   This will inform the IRS which family members had minimum essential coverage and for which months.  Therefore, it is important that the carrier have the correct social security numbers to report. 

So if you get a request from your insurance carrier, don't ignore it.  They will provide several options for submitting this information to them. Take the time to respond now, as it will reduce the potential for problems when you file your taxes next year. You can also contact REGIT at 800.537.9786 or via email at  We'll be glad to answer your questions.

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Assurant Health 
Exiting the Market

Assurant Health has announced that it will exit the health market by the end of this year.  All policies are being cancelled effective December 31, 2015, and insureds will need to apply with another carrier for 2016.  Some o f Assurant's policies may have been underwritten by Fortis, Time Insurance, or Assurant.  REGIT's staff is ready to assist anyone whose policy is being cancelled.  We will help you determine if you are eligible for a premium tax credit and assist you in enrolling either On or Off the Marketplace.  Contact us today to begin exploring your options.


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" I am very pleased with my BCBS health insurance plan that Lorraine helped me acquire. I became uninsurable 13 yrs ago due to a heart condition. Last year, I tried to work with the Marketplace, but I was confused. Lorraine worked closely with me on an affordable plan. I am grateful for her patience and knowledge. I highly recommend her. Her professionalism goes beyond what I had expected!"
June 8, 2015, Donna U.

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It surprises all of us at REGIT that so many people don't realize we can help them apply for coverage through the Marketplace.  Not only can we help you, but we frequently make the call to the Marketplace with you to be sure that you don't get tripped up on any of the questions and that you get all the benefits you are entitled to.  There is one catch, though.  If you don't start the process with us, we generally cannot become your advocate until the next Open Enrollment.  So when you are ready to begin your search for a new health plan, make your first call to us at 800.537.9786.  We'll be sure you get the plan that best meets your needs.  But don't take our word for it - read this month's testimonial from one of our happy clients.