Enjoy the read and if you (or someone you know) are looking for a Realtor who cares MORE about your concerns and your Real Estate goals than about their own volume of transactions and awards, please let me know the best way for me to connect.

And, please,  feel free to share with someone who is thinking about a move or who just likes to keep up with their housing market!  I value your input and appreciate the time you took to read it.




WHOA! Looks like the buyers who were previously stressed out over the very stressful stress test have decided to "level up" and go for the detached house and/or condo of their dreams in this new decade!

With supply down in the GTA by more than 35% compared to January 2019, you now understand those soaring price increases on my Chart above.  Fasten your seat belts Toronto Buyers and Sellers...this is going to be a wild ride! And if you want to ensure you are safe in this "frothy" market, please engage the services of a very good Realtor. 

Connect with me now, because this is what I do!

(Pssssst:  Your "House Whisperer" advises you to  HAVE YOUR HOME APPRAISED in 2020)

 Even if you're not planning a move, you should at least KNOW how well you're doing!


I thought I would provide some insight on a monthly basis for how apologies are rendered "horoscopically" (is that a word??)  Anyway, you all know who you are!! (hee hee)

I have an unfair advantage in this business.  I CARE more.

What my clients are saying: 

" Jill, s ome women think being tough means being a bitch. You, however are the iron fist in the velvet glove.  You're tough, but people don't even notice because they're so busy admiring your gloves"


As most of you know, I am an ACCREDITED  Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES).

Why did I pursue this extra study? Because I TOO AM A SENIOR and am now even MORE qualified to help any "seasoned" clients with perhaps, one of their most profound Real Estate decisions to date....that last move! 

I have had to MAKE THAT MOVE. 

I UNDERSTAND what worries/concerns are ahead of you. 

I CARE about the right outcome, knowing "ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL". 

I KNOW how you feel, but better than that, 

I KNOW HOW TO HELP you move forward with your lives in order to make the most of your occupations, recreations and DREAMS for your well deserved future. 

Finally, I AM DEDICATED to showing you that "not all seniors are created equal"...there's a lot more gas in our tanks and a lot more fun in our futures! 

I will now be posting a monthly article that I think will educate, amuse and delight "my tribe"....as well as everyone else who knows and loves a member of "my tribe".  You young 'uns can learn a thing or two as well.  You're right behind us after all!




Attention all "Empty Nesters"!

Don't DOWNSIZE until you read this Blog!

"Your goal should be to create an environment that supports your goals."

I have helped so many of my clients with that "empty nester" move.  (you know who you are! :)  It's a tough one, but this article is so brilliant and optimistic because it supports the idea that you should be "rightsizing"....not just downsizing. I have always called it "smartsizing" but Margaret's ideas are even more nuanced and I love her approach.
"Rightsizing is all about making your external world match your inner goals, ambitions and passions. It is about downsizing in some parts of your life so that you have the physical space, mental freedom and financial resources to upsize other aspects of your life."
(Credit to Margaret at Sixty and Me)

One more thing...
Despite what you read and/or hear, We "seasoned ones" still have a lot of gas left in our tanks, so move over or we'll run you down!!

And, if any of you know of someone in your world who is thinking about a move but is hesitant, in panic mode or on overload with the "overwhelm", please don't hesitate to connect with me.  I have a superpower for them.

                      I simply make the entire process SIMPLE.... 
Easy Peasy!

               5.  JILL'S "BOUQUET "OF THE MONTH

My "Ode to Spring" 
Your environment must support your passions and pursuits.

6.   And finally, Jill's  "ORANGE CRUSH"  of the Month.

Note to self: Don't just move your clients to their dream home....
 Move an abused family to a safe home.

8.    ATTENTION! All Toronto Home Buyers.

Dial in to this quick Video/blog (Vlog) I did last year on the subject of "double-ending" and why buyers need their OWN representation.   #besmart  #buysmart

Contact me  with any questions or concerns about the Toronto housing market.  I KNOW the GTA housing market well,  I HELP you interpret the stats and what they mean for your particular goals, and I CARE about ensuring you are armed with all the info you need in order to achieve your goals BEYOND your expectations!

My best always,
"Your Toronto 
HOME Advantage!"

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