JFS RISE is excited to announce the arrival of the long-awaited family of 10! Each of you have been so generous and patient as we shared this story throughout the months. Thank you to the couple who is renting their house to this family and for keeping it available as we waited; thank you to the volunteers and donors who helped us furnish this house and make it a home; and thank you to all the community members who have been on-call and ready to lend their support.
The family arrived in the late afternoon on Tuesday, September 25 th and the ensuing reunion was incredibly heartwarming. After completing paperwork and sharing a meal in our office, our caravan of staff and volunteers brought the family to their new Wilmington home. Their gratitude and relief were palpable as they took in each room, full of furniture & personal touches.
This resettlement experience, with two delays and family members anxiously awaiting their arrival, has shown our resilience as a community and our resolve to repair the world. JFS is grateful to everyone who has shared their resources, time, and words of encouragement as we navigated this process. 
Now, the real work begins!
Next Steps:

Now that the family has arrived, the JFS RISE Team is in full gear to start intensive, time-sensitive case management.

Within 30 Days, we must provide the following services:

  • Ensure each family member receives a refugee health screening
  • Assist the family with applying for social security cards
  • Assist the family with applying for public assistance benefits (TANF, SNAP, and Medicaid)
  • Enroll all children under the age of 5 in WIC
  • Enroll all school-aged children in local schools
  • Ensure adults are tested for English language skills
  • Begin cultural orientation lessons
  • Identify & build work-readiness skills
How You Can Help:

With our existing RISE cases and this new family of 10, we need help more than ever before! If you've been through the official JFS RISE Training and have the required clearances, please consider volunteering.

Immediate needs include, but are not limited to:
  • Drivers
  • Education mentors
  • ESL Instructors (or those willing to be trained)
  • Health mentors
  • Parenting mentors
  • Community engagement
  • Employment mentors

If you have not yet completed the RISE Volunteer Training, contact Lourena for more information about how and when to do so.

Lourena Gboeah
RISE Program Coordinator
302-478-9411 x132

Please consider a gift today to help JFS meet the needs of our new refugees and the families who rely on us and our community to get on their feet and achieve self-sufficiency. Any amount makes a difference!
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