Stopping the Leftist Mob in Virginia

Unbelievably, this group of criminal actors is led by Loudoun County School Board member Beth Barts.

Their ire was lit by our presentation earlier this month in conjunction with Parents Against Critical Theory (PACT). PACT's founder was their first target, and by extension so was the Virginia Project.

The cult did not stop there.

They then went after other parents - not professional activists, just regular normal people concerned about this abnormal agenda being thrust upon the schools.

Perhaps emboldened by lack of resistance, they have now gone after against members and leaders of the Loudoun County Republican Womens' Club.
The cult did not stop there.

Now explicitly on their hit list is the Chairman of the 10th District Republican Committee. And intelligence suggests a Republican elected official is also now a target.

And all this behavior is just a continuation of a pattern and practice seen across the Commonwealth ever since the Democrats brought in their thuggish, Maoist machine politics.

Where does it end?

I'll tell you where it ends.

It ends right here, right now.

Do you know why?

I'll tell you why.

We caught them.

We caught them red-handed.

And now we're going after them.

We are bringing every tool available under the law to bear on this menace and prevent it from doing further harm. We cannot afford mercy - this must be done with punitive and deterrent effect.

Enforcing the First Amendment rights of Republicans to engage in protected political activity is not optional.

The First Battle of Loudoun County has begun. To those with the will and the strength to join it: the time has come.
Here's what you need to do:

- If you are targeted or threatened in any way by leftist radicals, you should RECORD EVERYTHING and send the data to

- Come see our repeat presentation on Critical Race Theory and its effect on Loudoun Schools this Tuesday evening (3/16) at 7PM. THIS IS THE INFORMATION THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW. Register, and share it widely within your networks.

- Political leaders: It is time to speak out. None of us will escape the Leftist hate machine unless we all come together to put an end to it - here and now.

- We are looking for more lawyers to pursue civil rights litigation against this cult.

- If your district does not have a Republican candidate for state representative (Delegate), please consider running as a candidate in your district. We want every Democrat who allows these outrages to continue to be challenged, and they all do. You can check whether your district has a Republican candidate at Virginia Project's Election Tracker.

- If you are able, please contribute to the Virginia Project to fund additional litigation and pursuit of criminal indictments against these radicals.
Help Us Fight Back
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Right now The Virginia Project is in the fight for the soul of Virginia, and we need your help. We ask that you consider donating, as we work toward victory in Virginia.

Thank you for being with us in this fight! We've got your back.

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