Community Contemplation
October 13 - October 19
Thich Nhat Hanh on Mindfulness

Tuesday 5:45 PM hosted by Venu Tummalapalli via Zoom

Wednesday 9 AM hosted by Elinor Jannotta at Sunrise Park*

Friday 9 AM hosted by Dave Andersen "Hybrid Zoom" at Sunrise Park*

Sunday 9 AM hosted by Dave Andersen at Sunrise Park*

*Sunrise Park in Lake Bluff - meet at the top of the bluff between Prospect and Center with your meditation cushion/chair or use bench. If rainy, meditation will move to the Lake Bluff Beach south shelter.

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Meeting ID: 927 7895 1159
Password: hippo

"Mindfulness is the energy that helps us recognize the conditions of happiness that are already present in our lives.

Most people are forgetful; they are not really there a lot of the time. Their mind is caught in their worries, their fears, their anger, and their regrets, and they are not mindful of being there. That state of being is called forgetfulness—you are there but you are not there. You are caught in the past or in the future. You are not there in the present moment, living your life deeply. That is forgetfulness.

The opposite of forgetfulness is mindfulness. Mindfulness is when you are truly there, mind and body together. You breathe in and out mindfully, you bring your mind back to your body, and you are there. When your mind is there with your body, you are established in the present moment. Then you can recognize the many conditions of happiness that are in you and around you, and happiness just comes naturally".

If you have any questions or difficulties don't hesitate to call/text the person(s) hosting the meditation or study group you are seeking to attend: 
Venu 224-800-4049
Elinor 312-952-9374
Dave 847-691-3866