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How's your Summer?

We have made it midway through 2017 - how did we get here? Where did the time go? We want to get up to speed on your lives. Feel free to call us and share with us how you're spending your summer!

We want to give a big thanks to our clients and friends who came out to our 10 th Annual Charity Golf Tournament. We had a great turnout of golfers who bared the 110 degree Fresno heat and supported Police Activities League, Care Fresno and Valley Children's Hospital Adaptive Sports Program. Without the participation of our wonderful community of friends and clients, our event would not have been the success that it was. We want to take a moment to thank our generous Tee Sign sponsors:

Bland Solar | ESPN Radio | Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar | The Point Patio Bar & Bistro| Trelio | Certus CrossFit | MEGA Prints | Pressbox Sports Grill | Roger Dunn Golf Shops | Cover Ranch Management | Preen | ASHCO | All Valley Administrators, LLC | Chicago Title | Celillo Properties | Hodges Electric | Willow Gardens Nursery | Pickett Solar | Goodguys Tire & Auto Repair | Mastro Property Management | Westech Systems, Inc. | Paul Franco, Attorney at Law | Baker, Peterson, Franklin, CPA | Paragon Granite | Administrative Solutions, Inc. | Precision Civil Engineering, Inc. | Flory | Ron Silva Realty | Spencer Enterprises, Inc. | Barthuli & Associates Insurance Services, Inc. | Pappy's Seasoning | Colliers International  | Pellegrine Golf Shop | Der Manouel Insurance Group | Fresno Plumbing & Heating | Reedley Insurance Agency | Quality Furniture Installation, Inc. | Shenanigans | O. Ray Sheets Accountancy Corp. | KC Farms & Seed Services, Inc. | Legg Mason | Dorns Gas | Coastal Business Group, Inc. | BMY | Donald P. Dick Plumbing | Sol-Tek | Fagundes Brothers Dairies | Panoche Ranch Packing | Bautista Medical Group | 
Sagaser Watkins & Wieland | Cencal Builders

If you're planning to take to the road, skies or seas for a fun summer vacation, please remember to travel safe. That includes keeping your identity safe. Unfortunately, identity theft continues to be on the rise. And when we travel, we increase our vulnerability. Accessing any accounts on unfamiliar WiFi network can open the door for identity theft. In an interconnected world, online activities can leave a "digital footprint" susceptible to hacking and data theft. From personal information you upload to tracking of your online activities, this footprint can potentially expose you to significant risks. We will have our next Seminar Series, Cyber Security, on Wednesday, July 19 th and we will present key issues around technology and cybersecurity and best practices for limiting risk.

With that said we will see you on July 19th at 5:30pm and we hope you have a wonderful summer. And don't forget to send us pictures of your travels. We love pictures!

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Lessons from the Richest Man In Babylon

In 1926, George Samuel Clason published a series of pamphlets written in parables that was set in the ancient city of Babylon. The book became known as The Richest Man In Babylon and has become a classic in financial literature. This book is full of tried-and-true lessons for accumulating wealth for people of all ages. The story in the book sprang from the characters Bansir who was a chariot builder and Kobbi who was a musician. The two had no money and were poor. They went out to seek the advice of their childhood friend Arkad, who in contrast had grown rich and amassed fortunes. The lessons that Arkad provided for his friends are lessons of wealth building habits. Habits that I would like to see our youth learn in school. These habits, once formed, lay the foundation for all to accumulate wealth during their lifetimes. Below are some lessons from this book. Lessons that can help us to change old habits and create new habits, on our way to becoming the richest person we can become.

1. Pay Ourselves And Save
"Start thy purse to fattening"
One of the greatest lessons the book has taught is the first lesson. According to Arkad, he found his road to wealth when he decided that a part of all he had earned was his to keep. Although a very subtle message, it is very powerful in accumulating wealth. We cannot accumulate wealth if we don not save what we have earned. We can do that by paying ourselves before we spend any of the money we have earned. 

2. Live Below Our Means
"Control thy expenditures"
Bottom line, spend less than we earn. A simple budget will allow us to know how much money we have left after we pay ourselves first. Discipline combined with our budget, helps to create the necessary habits to live below our means.

3. Our Home Is Our Biggest Expense
"Make thy dwelling a profitable investment"
Nothing has the potential to keep us from creating wealth more than purchasing more home than we can afford. A home with a mortgage is a liability. Any expense that keeps us from consistently paying our savings and retirement is a liability, not an asset. Therefore, when purchasing a home, always revert back to #2. 

4. Make Our Money Work For Us
"Make thy gold multiply" 
This lesson is about investing our money and letting it work for us. I personally believe that everyone should begin investing after they have built their savings and a 6-8 month emergency fund. There are many ways we can invest our money such as stocks, bonds, real estate, businesses and so on. We must do our diligent effort to find great investments so we ensure our money will multiply and work for us.

5. Insurance Protects Our Wealth
"Guard thy treasures from loss"
We are forced to own Auto and Homeowners insurance to protect our lenders and even ourselves in the event of loss. But do you own and Umbrella policy and do you have adequate life insurance or long term care insurance to protect the wealth you have created? Nobody likes buying insurance, but having the proper coverage can insure that your financial legacy is in tact for your children and grandchildren. 

6. Have A Retirement Plan
"Ensure A Future Income"
Compounding interest is known as the eighth wonder of the would. In order to have a comfortable retirement plan, one needs to begin saving as young as possible, put away a minimum of 10% of their income and allow compound interest and growth to take care of the rest. 

Make today a GREAT day by sharing the wealth building lessons discussed in this little book of wisdom.
Market Stats As Of 
July 7, 2017

Index                                 YTD
Dow Jones                       +8.33%
Nasdaq                          +14.23%
S&P                                   +8.24%

US Treasury Yield
Maturity                           Last Yld
3 mo.                                  1.01% 
5 yr.                                     1.96%
10 yr.                                   2.39%
30 yr.                                   2.94%            
A Midyear Outlook for 2017
A long-overdue and highly anticipated shift is underway that may change the character of the rest of this economic cycle. Specifically, the Federal Reserve (Fed) has finally been able to follow through on its projected rate hike path, including the second hike for 2017 announced at the conclusion of the Federal Open Market Committee's June 13-14 meeting. This move highlights two important signals-first, the Fed increasingly trusts that the economy has largely met its dual mandate of 2% inflation and full employment, but second and of perhaps even greater importance, it appears there may finally be a new driver-the long-awaited arrival of fiscal policy-that may provide the economic backstop that monetary policy has offered throughout this recent expansion.
Here are several key themes focused on how the change in market leadership may shift through year-end and beyond:
  • Monetary policy: Slow path to normalization. Maintaining economic growth without extraordinary central bank support will be key.
  • Business fundamentals: Now taking control. A focus on well-run businesses with the potential for earnings gains may favor active management.
  • Economic growth: Confidence not enough, yet. Business and consumer confidence has improved, but greater policy clarity may be needed to spur growth.
  • Fiscal policy: Pro-growth potential, but when? Fiscal policy support remains likely, but the timetable may be pushed back to 2018.
Even with fiscal policy on standby, the return to business fundamentals, such as renewed corporate earnings growth, can now act as a market catalyst. The Fed will still have its role to play, but monetary policy is powering down as the driver of financial market strength. Thus far in 2017, the consistency of this new fiscal-led dynamic has been uneven, leading to shifting market leadership. It is important for investors to appreciate that despite these developments, U.S. equity indexes managed to progress through the first half of 2017 either at, or very near, all-time highs.
As political distractions have periodically surfaced, anticipation of a full transfer away from monetary policy has diminished and stock market leadership has at times turned away from those areas best positioned to benefit from the proposed fiscal policies. While the latest delays could push some key fiscal policy initiatives into 2018, the odds still favor corporate tax reform ultimately being achieved, along with progress on deregulation and potentially infrastructure at a later date.
What are the implications of fiscal policy as a new market driver? Much like a portfolio can benefit from diversification, the economy and markets can benefit from different drivers working at different times. If we have shifted to new market dynamics, including a greater role for corporate profits, understanding the evolving opportunities will be important for diversified investors. As monetary policy powers down, business fundamentals power up, and fiscal policy helps get the U.S. economy off of standby mode, LPL Research's Midyear Outlook: A Shift In Market Control can help you identify opportunities that may arise, navigate the challenges that will inevitably come, and help you stick to your long-term investing plan.

Our Client Appreciation Event will be held in our offices this year. Please save the following dates:

Fresno Office - Thursday, September 21st from 5pm - 9pm
Merced Office - Thursday, October 5th 4pm-7pm
Visalia Office - Thursday, November 2nd from 4pm - 7pm

If you would like to join us, please contact Shannon Stewart to RSVP at  or 559-448-8190.
Upcoming Seminar Series Schedule
July 19, 2017:  Cyber Security
Presented by Bob Barber & Tom Morgan, LPL Registered Financial Consultants
August 23, 2017:  Financial Planning in the Shadow of Dementia
Presented by Brian Glunz of TransAmerica
September 27, 2017:  Family Wealth Planning
Presented by Rob Ferguson with MFS Fund Distributors
October 25, 2017:  Health Care & Retirement
November 9, 2017:  Estate Planning
Special Guest, Paul Franco - Estate Planning Attorney
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*LPL Financial representatives offer access to trust services through the Private Trust Company N.A., an affiliate of LPL Financial.
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