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Keeping your New Year's resolutions
A New Year can bring a new outlook, and new opportunities - new chances to improve your financial standing. We said goodbye to 2016 and are well on our way in 2017, and have you considered how you might try to make the most of the next 11 months. Will you save more for the future? Will you make your full IRA contribution as early in the year as you can? Should you take another look at the way you invest? Could you save more in taxes this year?

A New Year is an opportunity. You might say New Year's Day represents page one. All the pages are blank to begin with, and you have the chance to write all the chapters and make 2017 a classic. You also have a chance to write a new chapter in your financial life. Making the most of that opportunity might make the years ahead even better for you.

What makes a New Year's resolution stick? Many of the resolutions we end up keeping have some key characteristics: they are specific, they are realistic, and we have a great deal of emotional investment in them, which continues over time.

A New Year's resolution that is general and vague, such as "I want to lose weight," is easy to ignore in its abstractness. When you tell yourself "I am going to lose 10 pounds by April as a result of a new diet and exercise program I will adopt in January," your goal no longer seems ambiguous - it seems achievable. Marking off the incremental progress toward your goal will also help you keep a resolution. Occasionally, a resolution will be so unrealistic that it will take great physical, emotional, or financial strain to keep it. These kinds of resolutions are easily abandoned, while those more down-to-earth are more likely to be maintained. Finally, have someone else hold you accountable. Encouragement from a friend or family member might be instrumental in your effort.
As we embark on a path toward economic and financial market recovery, we believe it is crucial to continue focusing on the goals and strategies that will help you work towards your objectives. That's why we encourage you to contact us at any time to discuss changes in your life or finances that may impact your investment strategy.

Where will you put your focus in 2017? We want to know, give us a call!

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Office News
We have a new face on the team! Please help us welcome Bob Barber, LPL Wealth Advisor & Portfolio Manager. 

Bob joins the Thiesen Dueker team with almost three decades of experience as a wealth advisor. Over the years, he has remained focused on the 3 Wealth Management Stages: 1) Creating and growing your wealth 2) Protecting and preserving your wealth 3) Transferring your wealth efficiently to the next generation. Simply put, Bob determines the stage of life his clients are in, maps out a strategy and remains focused on those 3 Wealth Management Stages. Being a student of the Market is not just Bob's profession, but his hobby. He spends hours each week scrolling through hundreds of charts to stay in tune with what is working in the markets and what isn't. He enjoys the challenge of placing clients' money in investments that best serve them. 

In today's world of smart phones and social media, it is easy to become bombarded with outside opinions about the future direction of the markets and economy. In this business we call this overload of information, White Noise. Bob is focused on eliminating the white noise by remaining focused on dynamic market indicators that allow him to see where the trends are, where money is flowing, and to construct portfolios to allow our clients to participate in these trends. 
Bob lives his life by the belief that there is power in positive thinking and our attitude always reveals our thoughts for everyone to see. He loves to instill this idea in youth, his family, those around him, even his clients. His successes in life are based on one simple rule: "Always do what is best for the people I am serving." 

Bob shares his life with his wonderful wife of 30 years, Donna and their three children.
Start the year right with these month-by-month saving and spending tips.

Make this year "the year of the dollar" by trying some of these smart saving and spending tips all year long.

January -- After-Christmas sales are a great way to stock up on holiday-themed products such as wrapping paper, candles, cards, and decorations. Most retailers reduce prices on these items by 50% or more. But don't stop there. Many specialty and gourmet food items, and items of clothing -- sweaters, hats, gloves, and scarves -- are put on clearance racks and sold for a fraction of their original price.
February -- Getting a raise? Consider adding the extra money to your retirement savings plan and/or open a special account for next year's holiday shopping or your summer vacation.
March -- March is considered a low-season travel month to Europe. That's the time of year when tourists are scarce, attractive destinations such as London, Paris, and Rome are quiet, and hotels and airfares are at some of their lowest rates.
April -- If you are among the majority of Americans who get a tax refund, consider using that money to pay down credit card debt, to make an extra principal-only payment on your mortgage, or to build the foundation of an emergency fund.
May -- The Department of Energy estimates that water heating can account for 14% to 25% of the energy consumed in your home. Lowering the temperature on your hot-water heater during the summer months will help cut costs. If you take a vacation, turn the temperature down further.
June -- Vegetables fresh from our garden are less expensive than canned and frozen foods -- and healthier, too! Start small -- try a few tomato plants. (Don't forget to water and fertilize regularly!)
July -- Play sports? Buy your equipment at used sporting goods stores. From catcher's mitts to surfboards, these stores sell their wares at a fraction of the original cost.
August -- Cash in on summer clearance sales. Spruce up next summer's wardrobe or outfit yourself for a winter cruise. Also, start pricing next winter's cord of wood.
September -- In September and October auto dealers try to clear their lots to make room for the next year's models. By haggling, you may be able to shave hundreds off a new car's sticker price.
October -- The Department of Energy estimates that heating and cooling account for 50% to 70% of the energy used in the average American home. Schedule a heating and cooling system tune-up, insulate your attic, replace furnace filters, and have your chimney cleaned.
November -- Many charities begin active fundraising during this month. Before sending a donation to your favorite charity, check it out with the National Charities Information Bureau or the BBB Wise Giving Alliance.
December --  Have a few extra dollars to spare? Kick off 2018 by finding new ways to save and spend wisely.
We are bowling for charity and we need sign wear awesome shoes, try not to slip down a lane and hang out with some of your greatest friends! Come up with a creative team name, assign a team Captain and send that to us. 

In addition to a fun night of bowling, we will have a Dessert Auction and a Silent Auction with some wonderful items. 

It is important to us to support various, local organizations with our time and charitable dollars. Our 4th Annual Bowling for Charity Event will be at AMF Sierra Lanes on Friday, February 24th, 2017. The charities selected support our mission to improve the lives of those living right here in our communities. The recipients of the proceeds this year are Make-A-Wish of Central California, Valley Caregiver Resource Center, and Marjaree Mason Center. 

If you would like to join us, please contact Shannon Stewart to pre-register at  or 559-448-8190.
Upcoming Seminar Series Schedule

February 23, 
Retirement Minefield, An overview of the most common IRA mistakes - and how to avoid them
Presented by Brian Glunz of TransAmerica
March 15, 2017:  Estate Planning
Special Guest, Paul Franco - Estate Planning Attorney
April 20, 2017:  Life Insurance
May 24, 2017:  Savvy Women, Smart Investors
Presented by Rob Ferguson with MFS Fund Distributors
June 15, 2017:  A Mid-Year Outlook
Presented by Alex Hayes with Oppenheimer Funds
July 19, 2017:  Cyber Security
Presented by Brian Nash with Goldman Sachs
August 23, 2017:  Financial Planning in the Shadow of Dementia
Presented by Brian Glunz of TransAmerica
September 27, 2017:  Family Wealth Planning
Presented by Rob Ferguson with MFS Fund Distributors
October 25, 2017:  Health Care & Retirement
November 9, 2017:  Estate Planning
Special Guest, Paul Franco - Estate Planning Attorney
Market Stats As Of 
Feb. 1, 2017

Index                                 YTD
Dow Jones                       +0.65%
Nasdaq                            +4.82%
S&P                                   +1.82%

US Treasury Yield
Maturity                           Last Yld
3 mo.                                  0.50% 
5 yr.                                    1.91%
10 yr.                                  2.45%
30 yr.                                  3.05%            
Retirement Planning
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  • Simple/SEP IRAs
  • IRA Rollovers and IRA Consolidations
  • 401(k), 403(b), Profit Sharing & Defined Benefit Plans
  • Income Distributions and RMDs
Financial Strategies
  • Comprehensive & Modular Financial Plans
  • Risk & Insurance Analysis
  • Wealth Accumulation & Income Planning
  • Personal, Family & Charitable Trusts
  • Private Trust Services*
Investment Management
  • Asset Allocation Modeling
  • Investment Manager Search & Selection 
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Institutional Research
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  • 529 Plans
  • Education Savings Accounts
  • Custodial Accounts
Investment Options & Tools
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  • Mutual Funds, Unit Trusts & ETFs
  • Fixed and Variable Annuities
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  • Alternative Investments - REITs

*LPL Financial representatives offer access to trust services through the Private Trust Company N.A., an affiliate of LPL Financial.
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