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You might notice that this e.Newsletter looks different to my normal one - well that's because 'things are a changing'

Last year I mentioned I was creating a new website, well it is now ready, YAY, and so it seemed right to up-date my eNewsletter too.  I do hope you find this layout easier to navigate!

Before I introduce you to the new website,  I do just want to acknowledge and express my gratitude for the 'angel-blessings' website.  It has been a faithful servant,  these past 8 years and I am truly grateful for all the people it has brought me into contact with.

Drum roll please........

My new website is

It reflects my passion and the sessions I now offer - helping spiritually aware women to find and live their life and Soul purpose, through Soul-level readings and clearings, Soul-level healing, workshops and residential retreats.

I s
till love, and work with, the Angels - they have been an amazing part of my life, offering support, loving guidance and healing during my journey, and I know they will continue to support me,  and my clients, in the next phase of my life and work - although it doesn't feel anything like work to me!

I do hope you like my new website!

Soulful blessings

Maia Ana

p.s. Have you been thinking about joining us on my next workshop, 'Building The Bridge to Your Soul' on 7th June?  There are still places if you would like to join us. Click here for details.
Sessions in Hertfordshire
Feeling Stuck or Low on Energy? 


Are you feeling stuck, low on energy, in physical pain or need to reconnect with a deeper part of yourself or your spiritual nature? 

I am really pleased to announce that I will be offering a limited number of face-to-face sessions in Kings Langley on Tuesday morning, the 9th June..... more

'Building The Bridge to Your Soul' -
Sunday 7th June, 2015 in Kings Langley


Are you ready to go to a new level in your spiritual development?  Do you feel called to re-connect with your spiritual nature, your Soul?

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