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Volume 7 / Issue 5 / August 19, 2019
OWeek Facebook and Instagram Live
Join us for a Q & A on Facebook and Instagram Live to answer  all your questions about OWeek on August 21 at 5 p.m.  Questions will be answered by our Head soph (Brooke Minifie), Dean of Students (Joe Henry), OWeek Programing Assistant (Paige Elliott) and Associate Dean of Students (Doreen Vautour).

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Important Financial Information
Emergency Contact Information

Who's your person? Help us to help you by updating your emergency contact information now in the Student Centre under Personal Information > Emergency Contact.

Global Ambassadors Program

The Global Ambassador Program invites King's students who have studied internationally to share their experiences with others students.

Chamber Choir Auditions

Audition for the award-winning King's Chamber Choir for the 2019-20 academic year. Contact Janet Loo to set up an audition time. 

First Year Off-Campus BBQ

First Year off-campus students are invited to attend a fun afternoon of games, food, new friends, and meet the off-campus student leaders! 

August 24 from 3-6:30 p.m.
International Bridging Program (Fall)

This program provides an opportunity for new international students to become comfortable with King's, Western and London prior to the excitement of the Orientation Program for all new students.

August 28-September 1
OWeek 2019

Hundreds of eager and excited first year students (and new to King's students) are about to make King's their new home! O-Week will include some traditional favourites and a number of new academic initiatives. 

September 2-8
First year welcome event - Interdisciplinary Programs

There will be a welcome event for new students in Interdisciplinary Programs where you can mix with other students and teaching faculty in an informal setting. Snacks and drinks provided!

September 9 at 4 p.m.
Vitali Student Lounge
Courses to consider for the 2019-20 academic year

Topics in Twentieth-Century British &
Irish Literature: Empire, War, Democracy, and Modernism (ENG 3376E)
This course will survey some of the literary responses engendered by this remarkable era-which witnessed the unprecedented horrors of the Great War, the beginnings of imperial decline, and, in the women's suffrage movement, a continued struggle toward democracy.
King's One: Urgent Questions


Every month, you study a different discipline, and you learn how a combination of various perspectives helps you understand the world's problems. This team-taught course also acquaints you with King's faculty.

Religious Studies
  • Learn about Rome and the Christian tradition, then experience it all first-hand on a 7-day experiential learning trip to Rome during Winter 2020 Reading Week.
Introduction to Judaism (RS 2286F)
  • This course looks at Judaism as a lived experience, taking students through the experience of a Jewish calendar year as a vehicle to learning about Jewish history, beliefs, and rituals.
Biblical Interpretation Today (RS 4415G)
  • This course takes a secular approach to biblical literature, exploring biblical poetry as a useful tool of oral cultures to aid memorization, a vehicle for songs of celebration and lament, and an ancient form of high art.
*Human Rights: Past, Present, Future (HIST 2891E)
  • We will examine the historical development and philosophical foundations of human rights. This course is open to all senior students, regardless of discipline and may be used toward the requirements of the proposed Human Rights Studies program, which is entering the final approval stages at Western.
Three Worlds Collide: Colonial Latin America Societies (HIST 4503F/G)
  • This course will examine the formative issues that shaped the Latin American Colonial worlds.
The History of Human Rights of Latin America (HIST 4504F/G) 
  • This course explores the long historical development of human rights discourses, advocacy, and abuses in Latin America.
Don't Give Up the Fight! Human Rights in Canadian History 
(HIST 4296F/G)
  • This new course will explore how Canadians have thought about rights throughout history with a close examination of specific rights campaigns in 20th century Canadian history. 
Health Policy (SOC 3326G)
  • Focusing on health equity and the social determinants of health, this new course explores the development, implementation, and outcomes of health policy in Canada. 
The Sociology of Bodywork in Canada (SOC 4485G)
  • This course will examine the social construction of everyday, ideal, unhealthy and political bodies.
School of MEM


Introduction to Data Analytics (MOS 2298B)
  • The goal of MOS 2298 is to provide you with an introductory but scientific approach to
    modeling and analyzing common organizational decision-making situations with the use of spreadsheet programs.
Childhood and Social Institutions (CSI)
*Third and Fourth Year CSI Students:
  • For 2019-20, we have waived the pre-requisite for a few courses to allow students in Year Three or Four of a CSI module to enroll. If you are interested in enrolling in any of the following courses, please contact Laura Clarke to be added.
Child Participation in Criminal Justice System (CSI 3346F)
  • An exploration of the Canadian criminal justice system focusing on participation of child victims and witnesses of crime.
Facilitating Child Advocacy (CSI 3351G)
  • This course examines the enabling as well as restrictive features of the role adults play in terms of facilitating and inhibiting the planning, adoption and implementation of childhood advocacy initiatives.
Advocacy with Children - INTL (CSI 3353G)
  • This course examines recent changes in childhood advocacy initiatives stressing child participation in international organizations as well as in other national jurisdictions.
Political Science

Business & Government (POL 221E)
  • The course will explore the relationship between large public corporations and governments, both in Canada and abroad.
American Borders and Borderlands (POL 3361G)
  • Students will experience the complexity of the borderlands with a 10-day visit to Tuscon, Arizona, and Nogales, Sonora.
Ethiopia Field course (POL 3378G)
  • We will explore a range of issues related to international organizations and global governance and travel to Ethiopia over Reading Week. Email Jessica Sommers to apply.
Real world of urban politics (POL 4487G)
  • Learn about the dynamics of urban governance while exploring, as an intensive real time case study, the contemporary politics of the city of London. Email  Jessica Sommers to apply.
Campaign school (POL 3315F)
  •  Using the 2019 Federal Election as a case study, this is an experiential learning course in
    campaign and election management. Email Jessica Sommers to apply.
Women in Civic Leadership (SJPS 3320E)
  • This course offers a unique experience for students who identity as women and are interested in becoming engaged in civic leadership and community building. 
  • To apply: Political Science students, email Jessica SommersSJPS students, email Laura Clarke.
  • For four weeks in the month of May, students have the
    opportunity to study in Arezzo, Italy to earn credits in
    Social Justice and Peace Studies and Italian Language and
    Culture while at the Rondine Centre for Peace. 
  • This course examines the impact of globalization on local communities and explores questions of global justice and citizenship. Students will travel to the DR with instructors and visit communities engaged in activism and resistance against exploitation.
See SJPS course offerings.
Liturgy Schedule
August 18  - 10 a.m. - Eucharist (WOTM)
August 25 - 10 a.m. - Eucharist (WOTM)
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