Discovery Church Update
June 19, 2022
In This Week's Update
  • Sunday Sermon and Song List
  • Things Of The Earth: 5 Implications Part 4
  • Sunday Committee Meeting & Joint Sunday School
  • Praises, Updates and Prayer Meeting
  • James- Women's Bible Study
  • Prayer Meeting
  • Summer Zone: Wednesday Night Study
  • Sunday School and Small Group Opportunities
  • Church Calendar
  • How Can You Help?
  • Hy-Vee Gift Cards
  • New Sunday School Class
  • VBS Volunteers
  • Men's Breakfast
This Sunday's Sermon and Song List
This week we are blessed to host guest Pastor Ryan Franchuk from River Community Church in Dell Rapids, home of the Timothy Pastoral Apprenticeship. In case you're unfamiliar, the TPA is a church-based pastoral training program with a heart for training pastors through the local church. The TPA has also recently started hosting occasional classes for middle and high schoolers and several of our own students have been taking their basic bible doctrine class. 
We're looking forward to hearing how things are going in the TPA, receiving the Word of God from Pastor Ryan and having some fellowship with his family while they're with us.

To get yourself ready to sing on Sunday you can start listening to the songs we'll be singing together:
  • This Is Amazing Grace
  • Christ Is Risen
  • Come Lord Jesus (Even So Come)
  • Overcome
  • Christ The Lord Is Risen Today (He Is Not Dead)
We created a playlist on Youtube in case you want to start listening today. You can find that by clicking HERE.
Things of the Earth: 5 Implications Part 4

Hey there Christian sibling, 

We are continuing our newsletter series this week with a third question. 

Third Question: How do we accept earthly gifts in light of the truth that we are part of God’s kingdom which is at war with the kingdom of darkness?
There is a huge tension in this life that won’t always exist. We are at war. Theologians call the church in this world “the church militant” and they call the church in heaven “the church triumphant.” Now don’t misunderstand what that means. It doesn’t mean we all go into the military and have weapons training. What it means is that right now people are dying who don’t know God and they perish eternally. Christ came to start a war and eternal destinies are decided by it. Christ came to die for the sins of sinners, to make them right with God and to bring them into the Kingdom of God so that his Father would be all in all. Satan hates this and does all he can to oppose it including killing Christians. The war is real. God has started a rescue mission that takes us behind enemy lines and all of God’s sons and daughters are drafted. There are no exceptions. The only exception is the Christian who isn’t a Christian. Read Matthew 25:14-30 later - it is pretty clear on that point. God calls you to use your gifts for the Gospel cause. Now does this mean you should quit your job and be a pastor? No. Most of you won’t be big S - shepherds who are pastors of congregations, but some of you are shepherds who should care for your congregation as one of its members. Few of you will be big T - teachers who have official roles as preachers or seminary professors but many of you are gifted to teach and should lead Bible studies, and teach Sunday school and preach and counsel. Not all of you will be elders who exercise authority over the church of God for its good but all of you are to take the word to your brothers and sisters to humbly and gently hold them accountable to what it says. Not all of you will be big E - evangelists who travel the country or the world sharing the Gospel - but some of you will be used to save many of your co-workers and family members because you shared the gospel with them. You are all part of God’s rescue mission. But it isn’t just spiritual skill gifts God has given you for the war - it’s your resources. In the light of eternal life and death - there should be nothing you own or have that isn’t on the table - ready to be given up and used for the work of the Gospel. But you need to think more comprehensively. I have a wife and 6 kids - my resources are for sharing the Gospel with them too - which means that I must shower my kids with good things - so that I can be an example of their heavenly father who showers us with good things. God doesn’t neglect his children to go save the lost - He gives his children many good things to share with the lost as they go along with Him on his rescue mission. God blesses us so we would be a blessing. During war, winning is prioritized over enjoying goods. Rationing was a universal experience in WWII - giving up good things for a more important purpose was a joy for people. God’s war for souls is so much more important than WWII was - we should not be any less committed to it. So again there’s a tension - God’s gifts are good and to be received not rejected but they are also to be given up for the cause of the Gospel - because the cause of the Gospel is more important and being part of it will bring more joy than the earthly gift - if your heart is right. 
Sunday Committee Meeting and Joint Sunday School
THIS Sunday June 19th at 9:00AM
All Sunday morning youth volunteers are encouraged to attend. We will meet during the Sunday School hour, while the rest of our church family enjoys a special intergenerational Sunday School on Prayer lead by Pastor Cory. 
Praises, Updates and Prayer Meeting
Next Sunday, June 26th, we'll host a congregational meeting after church to share testimonies of praise, give a few church updates about our Summer schedule, and have a time of prayer. This is a time that people should feel free to share ways in which they really need prayer right now as well as encourage the body by sharing how the Lord is showing up in their lives. Since it's easier to stay after church if there's food, we're inviting everyone to contribute to a pot-luck lunch. Simply bring a dish to share and we'll share testimonies and pray as enjoy that fellowship time together.
Women's Bible Study!
Understand that works don’t save us, rather good works follow true faith as our beliefs and actions line up with each other.

James had a unique earthly relationship with Jesus, but his letter clarifies what the Christian life should look like for us all. The Book of James is filled with practical wisdom for Christians, calling us to live out genuine faith through good works, but it is also rooted in rich theology. Perhaps more than any other book in the New Testament, James emphasizes the application of Christian belief.

This 13-session study examines the core message of James: the relationship between faith and works. In our own ability, we cannot stand in the face of adversity. Without faith we could never find the strength to trust God. We would never be able to see above the trials we meet and to keep our eyes focused on the King while counting our trials as joy. This is the essence of James. We don’t work to be saved; we work because we are saved. Faith apart from works can never be sustained.

This study will be offered on Thursday mornings at 9:00am. Childcare is provided. Books are $15. If you have any questions please contact the church office.
Monthly Prayer Meeting
Saturday, June 25th at 6:30PM. We want to gather together to lift our church, community, and any requests up in prayer. We encourage you to join us.
SUMMER ZONE: Continues this Wednesday, June 22nd @ 6:00PM
We're excited to announce Summer Zone! Summer Zone is for the whole family and all ages are welcome!

Here's the plan for each week:
  • 6:00PM: Gather for a focused time of teaching - our study will be on Temptation and we'll be drawing from various Scriptures as well as C.S. Lewis' Screwtape Letters to be wiser about fighting temptation. Be praying for the pastors as they finish up writing this curriculum!
  • 6:30PM: Adults (and interested High Schoolers) form discussion groups around the teaching for the night. Children will go downstairs for a supervised activity (Week One: A Lego Building Challenge!)
  • 7:00-7:15PM: Wrap up and dismiss. Of course, everyone is welcome to stay at this point, but the formal plans for the night are wrapped up at this point for the sake of our childcare volunteers.

Ways YOU can contribute to the success of Summer Zone are:
  • Team up with a friend one week to bring a snack to share 
  • Team up with a parent or other volunteer to provide a fun activity for the kids to do together (Lego challenges, special games, etc.)
  • Come prepared to discuss the teaching each week and say things that encourage others in their Christian walk
  • Linger afterward to help tidy up - we want to leave the building just like we found it!
  • Pray for really fruitful conversations and spiritual encouragement
Sunday School Class List
  • Combined Sunday School Class (4 years to 6th grade students)- Torch Lighters- in classrooms downstairs
  • Revival grades 7-12, taught by Pastor Brandon in the attic
  • Adults - Church Basics in the Fellowship Hall
Did You Know About These Different Small Group Opportunities?
Here are all the study/fellowship opportunities currently available through our church:

  • Monday Morning Men's Group -6:45 AM at Fryn' Pan
  • Monday Evening Men's Group - 7:00PM at Discovery
  • Wednesday Evening College Bible Study, The Gospel Centered-Life, 8:00PM at Discovery
  • Women's Thursday morning study will meet in the Women's Ministry area at 9:00 AM. They will be studying Matt Chandler's teaching on the book of James. Child care will be provided.
  • Men's Thursday Noon Bible Study: Pack a lunch and discuss the upcoming sermon
Questions? Contact the church office at (605) 689-2211.
What is happening?

If you would like to stay current on what is happening here at Discovery, please be sure to check out our monthly calendar in Church Community Builder. You can access the calendar by clicking HERE. Church Community Builder is our online church directory. In order to view the information in the directory, you will need to register for access. To begin the quick and easy registration process, please visit our website, and click on the Get Connected tab. To keep this information secure, once you register the office will send you an authorization code to complete the registration process. This prevents random people trying to access our information.
Safety Protocols Update
One thing we consider to be extremely important at our church is child safety. Since I’ve been here we have offered a training course for anyone who is interested in learning about the warning signs of abuse. If you're interested in taking the course contact the office. We also attempt to make sure each child activity and class has two volunteers involved. This is actually a very difficult thing to accomplish because we still, quite frankly, do not have enough volunteers to adequately cover all our ministries. It would be a significant service to the church if you would volunteer. Please contact the office for more information.

We also make sure that all of our volunteers have an up to date background check. As we endeavor to continue to care for our kids we want to do even more to keep them safe. One of the things we are going to do soon in the coming months is update our ‘check in/check out’ system for our youngest kids. To some degree this may seem over-board, but, as our church grows and new visitors come we will have more kids to keep track of and these will be kids whom we don’t immediately recognize as attached to a particular parent.

So to improve safety and to make visiting parents more comfortable we are going to add a check in/check out system for our youngest kids. More will be said on this but for now I will share one need we have. We need a new blue-tooth label printer. Something like a Brother QL-800 High-Speed Professional Label Printer. So before we buy one we wanted to ask the congregation, do you happen to have a Label Printer that you don’t use? If you do, and you would be willing to donate it for our use, that would be awesome. There will be more to come on this change in the future. 
Did You Know You Can Give To The Church By Purchasing Hy-vee Gift Cards?

Discovery Church receives 5% back on all gift cards purchased from the church. You can purchase your $50 or $100 gift cards on Sundays from Jeff and Dawn Herron (Fellowship Hall) or weekdays from the office. There is no limit on how many you purchase. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the church office.
New Sunday School Class
Sunday at 9:00AM
Cold-Case Christianity: A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospels
Christianity could be defined as a “cold case”: it makes a claim about an event from the distant past for which there is little forensic evidence. In Cold-Case Christianity, J. Warner Wallace uses his nationally recognized skills as a homicide detective to look at the evidence and eyewitnesses behind Christian beliefs. Including gripping stories from his career and the visual techniques he developed in the courtroom, Wallace uses illustration to examine the powerful evidence that validates the claims of Christianity. A unique apologetic that speaks to readers’ intense interest in detective stories, Cold-Case Christianity inspires readers to have confidence in Christ as it prepares them to articulate the case for Christianity.
Vacation Bible School July 27th-29th
VBS will be July 27-29 from 5:30-8:00pm. We are in need of volunteers in the following areas:

Safety chaperons
Music team
Decorate and Set-Up
Skit drama team

If you are interested in any of these volunteer opportunities please let the office know.
Men's Breakfast Saturday June 25th at 8:00am
Men's Breakfast will be held on Saturday, June 25th at 8:00am. They will continue in the book, It's Good To Be A Man. If you have questions please contact Pastor Cory. 
Elder Meeting Minutes
To read the minutes from our most recent elder meeting, please click HERE.
Pastor Cory

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