• Save the Date - Teen Services Sonoma Open House Thursday, September 19th: Celebrating our past 10+ years. Details to follow.
  • Lovin' Oven is at the Springs Farmers Market: Boasting our new Lovin' Oven products: red and green curry sauces, peanut sauce, and seasonal pineapple chutney!
  • Teen Services receives two new grants and a wonderful gift! More info below.  
  • Volunteers needed: Weekly cookie deliveries in need of a driver, and new food items in need of some slicing and dicing help in the kitchen. Please contact Casey Richter - 707-939-1452

The summer heat may have dissipated, but not the Hot things we are doing at Teen Services. We just launched a new line of products from the Lovin' Oven at the Sonoma Springs farmers market (described below.) Preparing these new items keeps our kitchen hopping so they are fresh each week, plus the teens are fulfilling our cookie orders, and even managing a few catering gigs. 
The rest of our staff have been equally busy. Joelynn has used some of our quieter time plus some "teen muscle" to purge and organize the accumulation of stuff in our basement and allow for the equipment we will need for catering, Cowboy Cab, and our Lovin' Oven expansion. Of course, she rewarded the hard-working teens with appreciation and pizza for their efforts. Adrian is featuring some fabulous refurbished bikes at Operation Bicycle, Norma is wrapping up a middle school Girls' Group sponsored by the Soroptimists, and Casey is settling into her role as Program Director. She is coming up with innovations for our programming and collaborating to make us more effective in providing work readiness and coaching for our young people.
While leading an organization like Teen Services with limited financial resources has its challenges, the bounty of volunteer and community support is wonderful. It is truly rewarding to watch the teens blossom with new skills and confidence after completing our Ready to Work courses or working at Operation Bicycle or Lovin' Oven. I love coming to work every day and thank everyone who supports this great organization.

Thank you so much,


Thanks to a Community Grant from Impact100 Sonoma, TSS partnered with Boys & Girls Clubs of Sonoma Valley to offer a summer Work Readiness Certification course at The Club in Maxwell Village. Sixteen teens completed the course mastering the skills needed to enter the job market. They learned about the application and hiring process, money management, and customer service; and they completed their first resumes.
The course culminated in job interviews with local business professionals including: Lani Parker from Bolt Staffing, Josh Gruenhagen from Safeway, Sarah Barton from Cline Cellars, and Jose Hernandez-Gomez from Parkpoint Health Club. Once again, Joelle Smith (left) of SHEnoma donated just the right clothes to add an extra bit of confidence before the interview process. 
Congratulations go to RTW graduates: Jake Brown, Cobi Cabrera, Alexis Castillo, Areianna Chabot, Edgar Estrada Cruz, Atticus Earnest, Marc Anthony Hernandez, Dylan Herrick, Lyndsey Lee, Evelyn Martinez, Owen Miller, Karen Moya, Theresa Perez, Juan Pimienta, Areli Rojas, and Marcial Rojas.
Each RTW cohort completes a satisfaction survey. With this group,
  • 93.8% felt that the support received through RTW will help them to obtain employment
  • 86.6% expressed satisfaction with the overall experience
  • 93.8% were satisfied with the materials supplied in the program
  • 87.6% were satisfied with the support from staff and volunteers
  • 93.8% would recommend the program to their friends
And a closing comment: I send my gratitude to everyone. Because of this program I have gotten the job I really loved!
The Impact100 grant is also providing support for a second RTW workshop that will take place at La Luz Center in January.
Teen Services is extremely grateful to Impact100 Sonoma, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Sonoma Valley - especially Eric Gonzalez, and the volunteer job coaches for this RTW cohort: Barry Ansell, Manny Bazan, Sandy Drew, Chriss Fife, Amy Gill, and Debby Kweller.

Evelyn and Karen making chutney

The Lovin' Oven is now at the Springs Farmers' Market on Sundays from 
10:00 am - 2:00 pm and selling a new line of Southeast Asian sauces: Red Curry Sauce, Green Curry Sauce, Peanut Sauce, Pineapple Chutney! These delicious sauces are the brain child of our wonderful Chef and Lovin' Oven Manager, Mei Ibach. Of course, our famous cookies are also available for purchase at the market.
Green or Red Curry Sauce 16 oz.  $9.50   Freshly made, all natural, authentic Thai curry ready to be added to your favorite seafood, meat, vegetables, tofu, rice, or noodles.
Peanut Sauce 8 oz.  $8.50 This delicious mildly spicy, sweet, sour, savory Malaysian satay sauce that traditionally accompanies grilled skewered meat and compressed rice.
Pineapple Chutney 8 oz.  $8.50  Sweet pineapples and Indian spices make up this versatile condiment for use in many savory or sweet applications. 
Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, or Lemon Sesame Shortbread Cookies 6 to a package $8.00.
Lovin' Oven also welcomes two new business partners as our teens will be providing shortbread cookies to Wine Country Chocolates (for dipping perhaps?), and our famous chocolate chip and our new "Baby Ruth" cookies to Gundlach Bundschu for their family movie nights.
If you would like to be kept informed about new products and recipes available through Lovin' Oven,  please click here to receive Lovin' Oven Tips.

Teen Services is  happy to welcome Corina Zavaleta-Doo to our Board of Directors. Corina was born in Lima, Peru. She received a degree in finance at San Jose State University and has been working in the banking industry for the last 20+ years. She and her husband moved to Napa and Corina has worked in Sonoma for the last seven years where she currently is the Store Manager at Umpqua Bank. 

Corina loves helping people - especially assisting families to reach their financial goals. She enjoys working with youth, including her two children, and feels that her primary role is to teach and help people. She is excited to be part of Teen Services so that she can do what she loves most - help people.

Congratulations to Joelynn Lee! Don't worry, you will still be greeted with a smile from Joelynn at the front office desk and she will still find the answer for whatever it is you are inquiring about, but Joelynn has a new title - Office Manager! As she begins her work on her Masters degree, Joelynn will actually be spending more time at TSS and taking charge of additional responsibilities. Her energies never seem to dwindle, so we are thrilled to take further advantage of her talents.

Operation Bicycle
Sales are up and the monthly Bike Mechanics course has been very well-attended. Those who attend the course not only learn how to refurbish a bike and pick up some important safety tips, they get to keep the bike! Needless to say, the enthusiasm is high. If you are interested in purchasing a bike, these are some of the current bikes available , or just drop by - just down the street from TSS at 207 Nino Marco Square.
Don't forget Operation Bicycle Slow Roll! Join Adrian Palenchar for a community bike ride every other Saturday. The next rides are scheduled for August 10 and August 24! Meet at Operation Bicycle at 10:00 am. For more information, contact   Adrian.

Girls' Group
Thanks to funding by the Sonoma Valley Soroptimists, nine 8th grade girls were able to participate in a weekly Girls Group under the guidance of Teen Center Coordinator, Norma Martinez. The program met the goals set out by the Dream It, Be It curriculum with a relaxed structure, in which the girls learned about careers, stress reduction and some tools to overcome obstacles.
The girls were also introduced to yoga and participated in a special boundary-setting session led by our RTW instructor Jennifer Blackwood, where they learned simple tools to keep themselves safe from harm and bullying.
Some closing comments from the girls:
  • Great to talk things out in a group I can trust 
  • I can also do "male careers" just as well or better
  • Sonoma has great places to relax and discover - no need to go far
Overall, the girls learned to get outside themselves and see a bigger world full of possibilities.
Funding Support:
We are thrilled to report the receipt of two new grants and a gift. We were awarded a $5,000 grant from the Scott Evans Foundation to support the expansion of Lovin' Oven providing on-the-job training for teens. We also received a $10,000 grant from Sonoma County Tourism to prepare teens for careers in hospitality and a $10,000 gift from The William H. Donner Foundation, Inc. for general support. Teen Services is extremely grateful for such support.

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Mike Arrington
Manny Bazan
Jim Carruthers
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Chriss Fife
Amy Gill
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