T uesday, June 16, 2020. Issue 21.
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Jewish Peoplehood | Jewish Engagement
Pivot Presents
Meeting this Moment
Episode 1: Rabbi Michael Lezak

Thursday, June 18 7pm
FREE with advance registration
“What would a systemic truth, justice, and reconciliation process look like in our communities? What would an American Teshuvah project look like for slavery?”
Announcing  Pivot , a new serial program envisioned and produced by the Taube Center for Jewish Peoplehood that explores this unique moment in time. How can Jewish wisdom inform our response as we navigate the convergence of a global pandemic, the associated economic fallout, and the pain of racial inequality?

Each program will consist of a pre-recorded audio and video interview with a Jewish thought leader, and a live Zoom event for people to view the interview together and discuss relevant themes. The interviews will be conducted by Joanne Greene, the JCC's Director of Jewish Engagement.

Following the program, the audio of the interview will be published as an episode of the podcast  Jewish Thought Leaders   and the video interview will be posted on the JCC's  YouTube channel

To be notified when a new episode is released, please contact Heidi Sanders at  hsanders@marinjcc.org .

Please join us  Thursday, June 18, at 7pm, for Pivot's inaugural program, featuring a conversation with Rabbi Michael Lezak, rabbi at the Glide Center for Social Justice in San Francisco.

Previously, Rabbi Lezak served 14 years as rabbi of Congregation Rodef Sholom in San Rafael, California, where he oversaw the congregation’s New Jim Crow Working Group and a number of initiatives to support the incarcerated and their families.

The conversation will focus on homelessness, racism and poverty, and what we can do to actively engage and combat these systemic inequalities.
Performing Arts
Playing for change
Music inspires and heals, consoles, and offers hope. It has been at the forefront of change throughout history, adding strength, lifting spirits, and urging us forward.

We have so much hard work ahead of us. Let’s get inspired, see the vision, and be the change.
Sam Cooke

A Change is Gonna Come was released 1965 and the video created 2016.
Playing for Change

Higher Ground is a song from around the world.

One Day is a song written and performed by American reggae  singer  Matisyahu, and first released in 2008.
Adult Learning & Living
Whatcha readin'?
Join Danielle Vierra for the launch of our new "Whatcha..." series with a “no reading book discussion.” Gather to hear and share recommendations, commentary, and connections. Whatcha reading? Fiction? Non-fiction? Bestsellers? Short works? Where do you find reviews and recommendations? Share your latest, greatest find, champion an old/classic, a favorite, or just hear what others are reading.

Book Banter
Wednesday, June 17
1:00 - 2:00pm

Register in advance for this meeting on Zoom

Thanks to our donors, this program
is offered for FREE !

With no assigned book, no purchasing or reading commitment, no promotional agenda, and no formatted discussion, our casual conversation focuses on works that have been influential, interesting, diverting or helpful to you, especially in this time of disruption and uncertainty.

Grab a beverage and bring your thoughts on books that are 1) of relatively general interest to a varied group and 2) readily available off- or online.

Let’s start a "new chapter" during our shelter-in-place
and banter about books!

Minimum of 5 registrants required by noon on Tuesday, June 16
Zoom will automatically send a meeting confirmation email back to you. If the email is not in your inbox, please check your “junk” or “spam” folders. Still no confirmation? Please re-register being sure to enter the correct email. Still no confirmation? Please contact Danielle at dvierra@marinjcc.org
Cultural Arts & Trips
Stockholm, Sweden
With summer upon us, what a perfect time to head north. Let’s visit one of my favorite Swedish museums. Built at the orders of King Gustavus II Adolphus, the Vasa is a grand and gorgeous warship that began her maiden voyage in the capital’s harbor on Aug. 10, 1682. About 1400-yards after launching, it sunk…and remained so until the mid-1950s when it was rediscovered! Hooray! The cold Nordic waters had preserved the ship over the centuries which allowed it to be salvaged, restored, and displayed in its eponymous museum. Click the buttons below for a closer look and insights into the Vasa.
For a museum visit and Joshua Hanlon’s “The Incredible Story of Sweden's Vasa Warship".
For a deep dive (forgive the pun!) into the Vasa, visit the museum’s website.
Tikkun Marin Spotlight
Bagels for Good!
The first Wise Sons Shabbat pop-up was a success! Your orders allowed Wise Sons to donate 120 bagels to the Congregation Rodef Sholom food collection this week.
Next Wise Sons' Pop-Up:
Friday, July 3, 11am - 12:30pm
In the JCC parking lot, look for
the Wise Sons tent.
Menu and pre-order information coming soon.

For every order placed, Wise Sons will donate a four-pack of bagels to Congregation Rodef Sholom's food and supply collection, which is distributed to the community on Thursdays.

Your order can help combat hunger in our community.
Early Childhood
10 Tips to Help Children Through the COVID-19 Crisis
From Mercy Corps, I offer a brief overview to anyone helping children through the current shelter-in-place.
Friendship Bracelets,
Lanyards, and Finger Knitting! Oh, My!
As summer nears, I am reminded of all of the camp fun we have when we are together! The nice thing about some of that fun is that it can be happen at home, too!

Check out this cool project that is related and can be done with some household art supplies!

Cardboard Roll Snake Knitting
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A huge thank-you to everyone who has participated in our Shout-Outs & Celebrations campaign! It was an honor to be able to celebrate with you. Our goal has been to put a smile on your face and help find the joy in each day! You each deserve your own shout-out for your enthusiasm and support!

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Just look at these fun Father’s Day and Graduation designs.
Please make your gift today!
Fighting Back!
From Do the Right Thing to Selma , Milk to Suffragette , social unrest and protests have been with us in cinema. This does not trivialize actual events; rather, it reminds us that movies do not exist without often exploring and illustrating facts—with artistic license but often effective. When done correctly, this based-on-reality cinema leads to education and inspiration.

Here are three of my favorite examples.
2019. Available on Amazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play, and VuDu.
Harriet easily made my top ten movies of the year. From her escape from slavery through her mission to liberate thousands of other slaves through the Underground Railroad, Harriet Tubman at last gets the film she has deserved for so long. The heroic abolitionist and later suffragette is beautifully portrayed by Cynthia Erivo, who deserved the Oscar. A strong supporting cast (including the charismatic Janelle Mon á e) plus outstanding writing and direction from Kasi Lemmons, make for invigorating, compelling viewing. I hope Harriet finds her way to high schools and that everyone of all ages sees this film.
2008. Available on Amazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, Netflix, and VuDu.
Defiance brings us to the year 1941 in Eastern Europe. The Nazis are slaughtering Jews by the thousands. Brothers in a town taken over have decided to fight back, escaping into the Belarusian forest, joining resistance fighters. They lead about one thousand non-combatants, all hoping to survive. Daniel Craig is the oldest brother, along with brother Liev Schreiber, disagreeing on tactics but joined in arms. Edward Zwick’s taut direction and the original photos and information at the end make this under-rated film a must-see.
The Celluloid Closet
1995. Available on Amazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, and VuDu.
1995’s The Celluloid Closet remains one of the best documentaries of all time. Directed by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman, narrated by Lily Tomlin, with her words by the great Armistead Maupin, this is the movie I revisit at least twice a year. Based on Vito Russo’s 1981 book, we discover how gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders have been portrayed in cinematic history. Everyone and everything is placed in context as we learn the secrets and prejudices of Hollywood, and, hopefully, about the changing LGBTQ evolution in Hollywood. Film clips and insight from Tony Curtis, Harvey Fierstein, Whoopi Goldberg, and others help to make this an educational and entertaining classic. 
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