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February 2019
2 - Free valentine-making workshop (rm. 222), 2-4pm
15 - Wine & Wheel Ceramics Night
16 - Artist Makerspace (K-5)
18 - February camp begins

Email here for more information
Munroe Saturday Nights
Womanhood and Gender in Tagore's Songs
You have a month to find out why this Bengali polymath, poet, musician, artist, and Nobel Laureate has us looking forward to the next show!

More information about the performance and seat reservations is available online .
MCA Gallery
"Headed Home"
Artwork by Fay Hannon

Details online
MCA Studio Artists
"Peace and Love"
on display at Firehouse Ctr.
"Hanging In The Balance"
Portraits from the BAGLY Prom
Artwork by Zoe Perry-Wood
on display at The Transit Gallery
Artist Discussion - Wed. Feb. 6
"Fated Glory"
By artist, Adrienne Sloane, has been accepted into the permanent collection of the Fuller Craft Museum
What's to Love?
We love having students learning, and enjoying themselves here. We love this new 10-page booklet designed for us as a fundraiser to support students who might not be able to afford classes. Please consider a $10 donation and get this book complete with valentines, crafts, poems, and more! Stop by the office or email us for more info. Join us tomorrow 2/2 for a free valentine-making workshop!
School Updates
FEBRUARY CAMP - It's not too late to register for 5 days of fun! The theme is the Roaring 20's, and the day is split up with ceramics, visual art, theater, and an artist makerspace. More details here.
Tickets on sale this month for the DanceInn's spring recital. Click here for more information.

The DanceInn Spring Class Schedule is now online. The ArtSpan spring schedule comes out later this month.
If you missed January's clock parts event, join us for the February Makerspace with fiber optics as the thematic material!
In case you haven't been to our middle floor hallway, or Oxford Circus, London recently ... we thought you might like this visual comparison. MCA sculptures by Adrienne Sloan.
Thank you to everyone who participated in our end-of-year appeal! If you missed it, there is always an opportunity in the new year ...