Serious Events In The Last Two Weeks!
Newsletter 9/26/2016

Over the last two weeks there has been a lot of activity. The bombing in New York, gas shortage in southeastern states to a pipeline leak, riots in Dallas and North Caroline, and a lot of violence. All very important news, along with the upcoming presidential debate, received a serious amount of media attention. What hasn't received a lot of media attention is something that will most likely directly affect you. In this newsletter we will cover what has happened and why it is so important. Please share this information with anyone you can and make sure that this information is in the front of as many people's minds as possible. This is how we can create change and also what you can do until that change happens.
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Chromium 6 In Our Water
A recent study has found that two thirds of Americans are being exposed to high levels of a carcinogen known as chromium 6. This particular chemical made the headlines in 2000 when it stared alongside Julia Roberts in the movie "Erin Brokovich." Chromium is a naturally occurring element found in rocks, animals, plants, soil and volcanic dust and gases, according to the National Toxicology Program. It comes in several forms, including what is commonly called chromium-3, an essential nutrient for the body. Chromium-6, which is rare in nature, is produced by industrial processes. Chromium-6 is used in electroplating, stainless steel production, leather tanning, textile manufacturing and wood preservation, according to the National Toxicology Program (PDF). Chromium-6 is also found in the ash from coal-burning power plants and used to lower the temperature of water in the cooling towers of power plants.

Even in small amounts, chromium-6 can cause skin burns, pneumonia, complications during childbirth and stomach cancer. EWG, a nonprofit research organization, analyzed Environmental Protection Agency data on more than 60,000 samples collected at water utilities in all 50 states between 2013 and 2015. They found chromium-6 at levels deemed unsafe by public health officials. See more details

Smoothie Of The Week
This awesome smoothie comes from Healthfully Ever After. 
"I wanted to keep this smoothie realistic. It is a very specific shade of olive green. It's not pretty. But it's real. Some smoothies that are touted as healthy have to do a lot of covering color with lots of extra fruit and berries and sugar for taste. But you know what? Berries don't always have to go in a smoothie and WTF is the point of adding table sugar? The taste of this smoothie is AMAZING even if it is slightly ugly. If you love ginger, this is your new bev. And if you need to eat more greens, same goes for you."
This quote from her blog is really what a lot of what we do is all about. She is right. By the time you are done making this, you will find the appearance off putting. Close your eyes and drink it. The taste is actually a terrific blend. The nutritional value is amazing. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed. 

Florida You Did It Again.
Last newsletter we focused on a serious problem with the way Florida was placing the health of it's citizens DEAD last. We wanted to bring light to this topic in the hopes that even though these changes had already occurred in FL, they would not become common practice elsewhere. It has been two weeks and Florida tops the charts of scary water news again. 

"Last month, a 300-foot deep sinkhole opened up at a phosphate plant in Mulberry, Florida. The sinkhole, which measures some 45 feet in diameter, poured 215 million gallons of wastewater directly into a major Florida aquifer. But homeowners and nearby residents who draw drinking water from that aquifer weren't notified of the breach for more than three weeks."

THREE WEEKS! First Florida allows it's citizens to be exposed to three times the cancer causing agents produced by fracking in order to bring in more business. Now this?! Move away from Florida or get every ounce of water that enters your house purified.
Find more details about this story on our Blog.

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On a lighter note we would like to thank everyone for such a successful event last weekend. Here are some of the pictures:

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