One of the very few bright spots in 2020 was the fact that folks are shopping online in unprecedented numbers.
HoofPrints Fall season has been going very well. I've always used USPS for the bulk of my shipments, they've historically been fast, and cost for small packages is cheaper than UPS. At the end of November, however, things train-wrecked exactly like the diagram below.
Tracking wasn't updating and concerned customers were calling in droves. Because you all are a patient, sensible lot, I didn't figure out that there was a problem until the beginning of last week. I immediately switched most shipments to UPS, which has, so far, been delivering on schedule. So, for now, it seems we have a couple more days to process orders and (hopefully) get them there by Christmas.
If you still have holiday shopping to do, (even if it's not with HoofPrints) I encourage you to proceed as planned. Small businesses like mine work all year to plan and prepare for the last few weeks of the year, counting on that revenue to keep the lights on the rest of the time. We appreciate each and every order and do our best to make sure it arrives in time.
I have plenty of these cute Chala purses on hand right now
I've been surprised at how many men are buying these as gifts. For me, choosing a purse is a highly personal decision, not one I'd likely trust to anyone else. However, these are so awesome, in the years that I've been selling them I've not had a single one returned for any reason. So it looks like those husbands are hitting home runs with these in the gift choice department.
Shown here is the most popular Navy & Maroon Wallet Crossbody Cell Phone Purse. Okay, it bugs me a little that the rein looks like it's attached at the throatlatch, but I'll overlook that because everything else is so lovely, even the swingy fringed suede tail, wee little contrasting hooves, stitched horseshoes in the background... it's all beautifully done.

And the awesomeness doesn't stop at the cute logo and the perfect stitching. The inside of these purses are so thoughtfully designed, they literally thought of everything. Every square inch has purpose; a place for all your important stuff so you can find it with ease. And, they include TWO different length straps so you have multiple options as far as how you can carry it.
Here's another one - it's popularity surprised me because it's so big
The manufacturer calls it a Bowling Bag, and you could, indeed, carry a bowling ball in it. But what it really is = Roomy, Convenient, Comfortable Purse
It measures 17" x 7" x 11.5" The main compartment is zippered (that's where your bowling ball could go, LOL) and it's also got two additional open pockets, and one zippered pocket inside. It has two huge outside pockets; big enough for a legal size folder or a tablet. Those snap shut.
Also outside are two zippered compartments that are about 6" x 7" each, for easy access to a small wallet, your phone, note pad, etc.

Comes with the cute Horse Key Fob/Coin Purse, that's also sold separately ($15.50) here
There are also some medium-sized options
Shown here is the Brown Canvas Mid Size Crossbody, and matching Cell Phone Purse
These are constructed mostly of soft canvas, accented with faux leather details, antique brass hardware and intricate stitching like the others. The Mid Size Purse measures 11.5" tall x 11" wide x 3" deep, strap adjusts up to 28". The matching Cell Phone version is 7" tall x 5" wide and includes 2 straps to allow for many different wearing options. I also have a similar set in grey.
Speaking of a BAD ATTITUDE - So many products fall into that category - I ended up making a new department for them
Cranky commentary on your financial situation: As if you didn't know it already
Here's a nifty little zippered bag that will hold all your wealth and announce its total contents on the outside; YOU'RE BASICALLY BROKE. Ironically, it happens to be covered with little pictures of horses. Who knew? <snort>
At only $3.99, and you can feel good about this purchase as it's made of a whopping 95% post consumer recycled plastic. AKA: trash.
Makes a great gift! Tuck some money or a gift card inside and you're all set.
I hate everyone too. And I won't miss that boat again.
The first time I saw Blue Q's I hate everyone too socks, I loved them and I thought HoofPrints' customers would, too. I contacted the rep and made arrangements to set up an account. Then, I chickened out. I've always held HoofPrints to a standard of positivity; a product professing hatred seemed a bit off track. Even though I could relate on a personal level - how this gal and her horse are collectively fed up with the rest of the world. A year passed and I must have gotten grouchier, because when the Blue Q paperwork rose to the top of the pile that time I decided to add their stuff to the Fall flyer. I was disappointed with the results.
NOT because folks didn't love the products (they did). Because a great majority said "I have a pair of these socks!" Even though they weren't marketed by any mainstream horse outlets, friends and family of horse lovers all over were buying these and gifting them to my customers. Grrr, I had missed the boat.
Stainless steel flask features colorful retro artwork
of a smiling gal and her beautiful Palomino; both are sporting impressive cowgirl gear
Why do those pretty smiling women in all the retro images always look like they're gritting their teeth? I have no clue, but this new vendor I discovered noticed it, too, and has paired this particular artwork with a funny horsey saying. The flask is small - just 4 ounces - so a ladylike snort is always at your fingertips. This is a discontinued item, so once these are gone I can't get any more. Order yours here.
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