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Think Global Flight, an around the world flight of adventure promoting education and inspiring students. Think Global Flight, recognizes the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (S.T.E.M.) education. This historic flight will increase the number of students across the globe interested in and inspired by aviation and aerospace as they follow the crew on their journey around the Earth.


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Help fuel the Think Global Flight STEM Adventure --


Join us in motivating a new generation of aviators, scientists, and engineers!   


As little as $25 sponsors a SkyWay along the way, fueling the TGF Cirrus SR 20 to keep it flying around the globe!    Click here to learn more. 




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SnF Full View
Captain Rice and SCC Students


SnF Fred
Navigator Fred and SCC Boy Scouts 



SNF FAN TV Florida Aviation Network, Rich Weber and the TGF Crew




SNF Favorite Students
SCC Girl Scouts and Captain Rice


CAPTAIN'S COLUMN                                 

Dear Aviation Education Friends,


We are excited to share with you great news! Think Global Flight was awarded the Wolf Aviation Fund Grant.  Also this past month, Think Global Flight received a sponsorship package of  fund-raising advertising from that will appear frequently  in AVwebFlash and AVwebBiz e-newsletters over the next year and will reach almost 200,000 owner-pilots and GA business leaders multiple times each month.   Impressively, we are already seeing results from the generous AVweb donation. 


You won't want to miss the latest and greatest updates on!  I would like to point out several of the new sections, one titled Winds Aloft Contest.  We have added this awesome new challenge for students when entering this contest.  The SCC forecasting the closest to actual winds along the TGF route will win a visit from Captain Judy and Navigator Fred bareing certificates, awards, NACTA shirts, and more.   Be sure to check out the web site for contest details.  


LIGHTS, ACTION, CAMERA!  In partnership with YouthWINGS and the National Coalition for Aviation Education will have the new worldwide communication tool, the SCC Live TV.  You can join the broadcast by the easy to follow directions located under the new section titled SCC Live TV.  We will be inviting all of our participating students and leaders to tune in several times a month.  Each show will focus on different topics related to our flight, the airplane, and the Winds Aloft Contest.  We will be interacting and broadcasting with TGF participants from all over the world.  Can't make the live broadcast?  No worries!  We will be videotaping and posting each show for you to view at your leisure.  Watch for your email invite, or the postings on Facebook and Twitter, as well as postings on the web site under the SCC Live TV page.  or, 


Are you attending AirVenture, July 29 - August 4 in Oshkosh, WI?  Stop by the KidVenture area - we would love to meet you!  I, Navigator Fred, and our dedicated TGF Volunteers will be on-hand throughout the event.  We are proud to be both this years and next year's EAA Young Eagles/KidVenture education featured program.


I conclude with a special thanks to Wolf Aviation Fund, AVweb, all our dedicated sponsors and volunteers.


Together, as we Think Global!


Captain Judy


Web Sites in the order as mentioned: 



Sennh logo jpg Communication in any facet of life is key: whether you are a pilot, a teacher or a plumber, it doesn't matter. Communication in the air is always a big challenge, and to help the Think Global Flight Crew tackle this, Sennheiser has donated a pair of S1 Digital headsets.  Capt Rice commented, "This is an incredible headset which blocks out everything we don't want but is also extremely comfortable - in fact, I even forget that I am wearing them.  For us, comfort is critical because we are going to be wearing these for more than 15 hours at a time.  Aviators need to be sharp at every moment, so between the comfort and the noise canceling, we're covered."


Navigator Fred Nauer describes the first time they flew with the S1, "We put them on, pressed the button on the side and when it engaged, we just looked at each other in disbelief.  It was amazing.  Everything is more audible and clear, and the resulting noise cancellation actually protects your hearing.  

The Sennheiser S1 isn't just for pilots doing the long haul flights like us.  Any pilot can hear better wearing them.  As a Chief Flight Instructor, I've forgotten how noisy it is being in flight since I've been using the S1."


Sennheiser is a world-leading manufacturer of aviation headsets, microphones, headphones and wireless transmission systems.  With their top-quality acoustics, high wearing comfort and rugged designs, Sennheiser aviation headsets are suited to the needs of professional and private pilots as well as air-traffic controllers.


In 1982, at Lufthansa's request, Sennheiser developed the first audio headset for cockpit communications. Since then, working closely with pilots and airlines, Sennheiser has continued to develop new solutions for the aviation sector. Major innovations in Sennheiser's aviation Sennh S1Headsetand ATC products include NoiseGard™ and ActiveGard™ active noise compensation and Peak Level Protection technology.  With the recent introduction of the S1 Noisegard, Sennheiser has just completed its S1 Family of general aviation headsets which now offers an ideal solution to all general aviation pilots, starting with the S1 Passive and leading up to the groundbreaking S1 Digital with digitally adaptive noise cancelation.


Whether flying jet, propeller turbine, or piston aircraft, all kinds of demands are made on headsets used in cockpits. Voices should be broadcast clearly, external noise screened out effectively and the headsets must remain comfortable for continuous wear over lengthy periods.  Above all, they must always operate faultlessly.  Safety and reliability are always a top priority at Sennheiser.


Established in 1945 in Wedemark, Germany, Sennheiser is now a global brand represented in 60 countries around the world with U.S. headquarters in Old Lyme, Conn. Sennheiser's pioneering excellence in technology has rewarded the company with numerous awards and accolades including an Emmy, a Grammy, and the Scientific and Engineering Award of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.


In addition, Sennheiser understands that becoming a pilot was and still is a challenging task that demands discipline, courage and the necessary financial resources. Hence for many it remains a dream!

Sennheiser's Live Your Dream Scholarship wants to help turn some of those dreams into reality.

Sennheiser Aviation first started Live Your Dream as a small scholarship competition in 2011 which was quickly fueled by the overwhelming level of participation and the quality of submissions.  Capt Rice is one of the honored Live Your Dream ambassadors that includes experienced aviators and aviation enthusiasts demonstrating how they lived their dream and what it took to achieve their goals.  Corporate supporters are providing valuable prizes for scholarship winners helping grow the program even further.  C

hristian Pulm, Sennheiser Aviation  Global Marketing and Strategy Development,exclaimed, "Live

Sennh Scholarship by airplane
Natalie Campana, Live Your Dream Scholarship Recipient

Your Dream has turned into a true team effort.  Sennheiser gives for the opportunity they have been given to support the aviation community by getting more pilots into the air."



An added benefit to Think Global Flight participants, Sennheiser has provided the Think Global Flight - Sennheiser Live Your Dream Scholarship!  For more information, register your students at and visit   Students may apply for both scholarships.


Sennheiser has donated their S1 Passive Headset featuring outstanding noise reduction, customizable comfort settings and legendary Sennheiser audio quality.  You will be automatically eligible to win one of two Sennheiser headsets or iFlightPlanner Membership through the Think Global Flight Buy A Skyway campaign for as little as $25.  You can choose your favorite route add your name, or child's name, or company name to your route.   To Buy Your Skyway, visit:


For information about Sennheiser's quality headsets, visit:  


Lori J. Brown, Professor, College of Aviation, Western Michigan University
Lori Brown has been affiliated with aerospace, education, and research since 1986.  She is an Airline Transport Pilot and has trained pilot cadets for British Airways, Delta Airlines, and KLM, as well as pilots from government agencies. 

Lori is a Professor, and Research scientist at Western Michigan University, College of Aviation, where she teaches classes such as; Airline Flight Operations; Aviation Meteorology, and Advanced Aircraft Systems.


She serves on the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) task force for the Next Generation of Aviation Professionals (NGAP), is a consultant on the Civil Aviation Team, and a military evaluator for The American Council on Education (ACE) providing a collaborative link between the U.S. Department of Defense and higher education.  Her research interests include engaging the next generation of global aviation workforce.


Professor Brown explains, "I heard about Think Global Flight from a colleague.  I really wanted get our Western Michigan University, College of Aviation students involved in the program knowing this would be great way to engage the next generation of aviation professionals.   As we are well aware of the capacity of the flight training industry, we are in serious jeopardy!   Questions have begun to arise surrounding the flight training industry's ability to recruit, retain, and engage new students.  


Lori continued, "The SCCs have been established across the world to research, analyze data, and work together.  This allows our aviation meteorology and aircraft systems students to interact with students from the entire world.  Also this opportunity provides mentoring to younger aviation students, while working with alumni.  I have used the TGF program to aid in engagement, education, and retention of the next generation of aviation professionals.  My aviation Meteorology class worked in groups to analyze historic wind patterns, while the aircraft systems class researched green fuels and various types of ferry tanking systems.  

These research projects allowed active learning, critical thinking, and encouraged rich discussion."


Professor Brown was particularly interested in TGF, as she had the opportunity to ferry a piper Seneca from Monterrey California to Hilo Hawaii (2042nm) in 1990. This is where she learned that each day is different and weather can change very fast over oceans.  Lori adds, "A long hop over the water is certainly not like your average ferry flight over land.  The 14 hour scheduled flight, took us 17 hours with strong headwinds.   Lori shared that the scariest moment was when Honolulu asked her "what color is your life vest?" 


Lori Brown Cropped
Professor Brown with TGF SCC Lead Students

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