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You're probably seeing pink everywhere. That's because October is "Breast Cancer Awareness Month." Personally, I love seeing huge, hulking football players wearing pink shoes and gloves and so many people across the country walking, running, lifting barbells, and doing all sorts of amazing activities to raise money and awareness for such a great cause. 

This October, I hope you will support efforts to fight breast cancer. There are lots of great national charities that focus on breast cancer research and political lobbying, but I encourage you to think local. Right now in your own neighborhood women desperately need help. 

The Shades of Pink Foundation California was started with one goal in mind. We want to help women in San Diego in active breast cancer treatment who need help right now. We keep our overhead as low as possible (our entire board is made up of volunteers), so that the vast majority of your donations goes right into the hands of women who need it. 

Keep reading below to learn the story of Lisa, one of our grantees who is trying to keep life normal for your young son while she and her husband struggle with mounting medical bills from her chemo and radiation treatments.

If you want your donation to make a difference in your community, please consider giving to SOPFCA this October!


Vembra Holnagel
President, Shades of Pink Foundation California

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"It has been a huge adjustment going from trying to add a life to fighting for my own." Lisa
Lisa's Story

Lisa is the mother of a two-year-old son, and she and her husband were excited to continue to grow their family.

Then Lisa was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer in February.

The timing couldn't have been worse. Lisa's husband had decided to leave his job a month before so that he could help with childcare.

The medical bills poured in. Lisa underwent a partial mastectomy. Next came three months of chemotherapy followed by six weeks of radiation. At this point, she was too sick to work at her job as a manager at a wholesale chain.

"Despite having a budget and being frugal, our expenses continue to exceed our income," Lisa writes. "Many expenses are going on credit cards."

Within this scary, overwhelming "new normal" Lisa is determined to focus on the important things.

"I will continue to fight and show my son it doesn't matter what length your hair is or even if you don't have any," Lisa vowed.

We couldn't agree more, and are proud to offer Lisa and her family a SOPFCA grant.

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Welcome Kennley!

We are so excited to announce that the family of our co-founder and vice president Kianne Farmer just got a little bigger!

Kennley Ann Farmer made her debut on May 30, 2017.

Momma and baby are doing fantastic, and we'd all like to offer Kianne and her husband, Shane, a big congratulations! 
Congrats Kas!

One more shout out! We'd like to send our warmest congratulations to our board member, Kas Gallucci, who married James Pilley on October 7th, 2017.

We wish you a lifetime of happiness together!

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Shades of Pink Foundation California

Shades of Pink Foundation California is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) California nonprofit Corporation.

How to Support SOPFCA 

 Hope Partners
Monthly Giving

If you want to step up your donation game right here, right now, then make the commitment to give each month. Through Hope Partners, you can sign up online to make an automatic monthly donation from as little as $25 a month ($0.83 a day) to $75 a month ($2.50 a day) or choose your own amount.

One-Time Donation

If you want to honor someone close to you who battled breast cancer you can always make a one-time donation to SOPFCA in any amount you like

Amazon Smile

If Amazon has become your go-to everything store, then support SOPFCA just by purchasing all the things already on your shopping list. Visit Amazon through our Amazon Smile Link , and be sure to select Shades of Pink California as your charity.  The company will donate 0.5% of all your purchases to our organization. Bookmark our link to make it automatic.   
 SOPFCA Oct. Update 

The year may be winding down, but we're not done yet! With your help,  we've been able to award 17 grants that totaled more than $25,500 since April 1st of this year!

These grants fund crucial expenses, like:
  • Rent/Mortgage
  • Utilities
  • Health Insurance Premiums
  • Auto Payments
Thank you for helping us keep our grant amounts elevated, so we can make a bigger difference in the lives of our deserving grantees. 

We all know how expensive it is to live in San Diego. Rent and mortgage payments make up the majority of our grant usage. The women we serve are always worried about how to stay in their homes! 
Thank You!
Local Businesses Step Up to the Plate

Want Another Way to Help? Tell Your Friends About Us.

October is typically our biggest donation month of the year, but with so many larger, national breast cancer organizations competing for attention and dollars, smaller organizations like ours can get drowned out.

Help us cut through the noise! Your social media accounts connect you to family, friends, co-workers, and the guy who sat behind you in high school chemistry. 

Let them all know that Shades of Pink Foundation California helps women in active breast cancer treatment here in San Diego. Encourage your tribe to donate locally and support those in need in their own community.

Please feel free to use images from our Facebook page and to share our posts to your own network. 

The five minutes it takes you to post on social media could improve the life of a woman with breast cancer in San Diego! 

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