July 27, 2020
Junipero Serra High School Newsletter
Junipero Serra High School believes that students of all faiths and backgrounds deserve an academically challenging, spiritually enriching Catholic college preparatory education that forms them to become generous, responsible citizens and leaders

Reunions and Events.

We had scheduled the Golf Tournament, reunions for '70, '80, The Old Timer's/Legend's for the spring.
All are postponed. Plans remain in place for each of these events to be held as soon as possible.
5001+ Club Members

Bob '61 and Sara look pretty good in their 5001+ Club jackets.
 Bob is from the Class of '61 which included Kurt Altenberg '61, Scott's father.  Bob and Sara help a lot including the The Alumni and Kurt Altenberg Memorial Scholarships.
Interested in becoming a 5001+ Member? Click here for 5001+ Club information.  
Thanks to: 
Dan '65 & Linda Ryan,
McKinsey Hadley Sr.,  Robert Hutchinson '56,
Chuck Agozino '59, Lawrence Kates '63,
and Pat Lynch '59.
A special thanks to all who registered Serra with Kroger (Food for Less and Ralphs are both Kroger companies) for their give back program. $126.38 from Kroger and to all who registered with Costco $112.50.
This works. Register with your favorite retailer.

CIF Athletics

CIF released it's latest current plan for high school athletics. For the complete story,   click here.

First Football practice is scheduled for December 14 with first games scheduled for Friday, January 8.
Serra Business Support

Ramona's Mexican Food P roducts 
13633 S.  Western Ave. 
Gardena, CA 90249 
(310) 323-1950 

No matter where you are remember to go online and read our hometown newspaper.

Remember Lomeli's gives a 20% discount when you wear Serra gear.

If you have a teenager ready for driving school head for EZ Will a great supporter of Serra.
Alumni as Teacher's, Head Coaches and Administrators at Serra.
            Dwan Hurt '81         Bro. George Masa SM '54
 We went through the El Padre's year by year and we think we have identified all Serra Alumni who have returned to Serra to teach, become an administrator, a head coach or worked in a capacity that put their picture in the El Padre. We note that Gene Bruery '57 was the first to return and teach. He taught Mechanical Drawing in '59-'60.
This list is in the order in which they appeared in the El Padre. If we missed someone, please let us know. Click here to see the list.

Mallory Mathews '71           Skip Mathews '58   
Called and Chosen.  A reason for Serra's success.
"For many are called, but few are chosen." Matthew 22:14
Those of you who follow Serra know of the successes of Serra students. There are many reasons. A significant reason is the Catholic Leadership Retreat conducted prior to the beginning of each school year. The objective of the CLR is to give this years school leaders experience and training in conducting the student retreats to be held throughout the 2020-21 school year. Sixty-one student leaders from Life Team, ASB, Student Council and Music Ministry members participated. This years was conducted online totaling 20 hours over 4 days. Click here to view the "Called and Chosen" Retreat Journal.  
 Sample Question from "Virtual Partner" Talk 1 in the Retreat Journal.
"What Brings You Joy?"
Serra Alumni return as team leaders each year. Four Alumni returned to campus and did their leading on line from school.  
Left to right, Cecelia Leyva '18 Cal Poly Pomona, Dee 'Anna  Segee '16 UC Davis and now grad studies at Howard, Anci Castellon-Davis '17 CSU Dominguez, Midshipman Enrique Castellon-Davis '18, US Naval Academy.

Dee 'Anna Segee '16 has been a Team Leader for the "Called and Chosen" Retreat for four years and is critical to it's continuing success. Dee 'Anna's quote about the value of the "Called and Chosen" Retreat.   
"Provides the students with motivation that they can and will succeed."
Two more alumni participated as team leaders remotely.

Analexicis Bridewell '13
Program Coordinator of The
Learning Community at
Loyola Marymount University

Brandon Burton '16
UNM Psychology, Sports
Management Grad School
Athletic Director's Honor Roll  
We are frequently asked by alumni, friends etc. "How is Serra doing? 
We all hear a lot about the mixed results of online learning at various schools. Give Serra a challenge like this and Serra meets it.
Principal Jeff Guzman received a request from a parent asking him to thank teachers Kirk Bertrand and Ed Sanders for their teaching in our online summer school program. Let us add our thanks to these and to all the teachers. Here is a summary of this parent's comments.
-Extremely impressed with Mr. Bertrand and Mr. Sanders and their teaching skills.
-Both responded quickly to all my sons questions.
-Both were available and visible during the entire class time.
-Liked how my son had to log in on time and was held accountable for his work. 

Ed Sanders                   Kirk Bertrand

-Very pleased to hear that in the fall semester, students will be required to have their video camera on and dressed in school uniform.
-Our family made a great decision in sending our son to Serra.
Editorial comment. This parent would have made the same response about any of Serra's superb teachers.
Cavalier Code
Cavaliers have faith and integrity.
Cavaliers are humble and accountable.
Cavaliers are scholars who lead and serve.
Cavaliers are soldiers for Christ.
We are Cavaliers.
All Hail!
Joe Cormier '81
Director of Development