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August and corn-the best
this from Hawkes Farm
Bath Farmers Market
August 24 2019
Tomatoes: all kinds for all tastes, at Goranson Farm
Fruits &   Vegetables
Fresh Start Farm, Goranson Farm, Hawkes Farm, MicroMainea, Oyster Creek Mushroom Co. Pleasant Pond Orchard, Popp Farm, Sparrow Farm, Tarbox Farm
Hootenanny croissants, whole wheat or chocolate, say a VERY good morning

Baked Goods

Alchimia, Beryls Pastries, Borealis Breads,Chase Farm Bakery, Hootenanny
Meat and Poultry

Kelley Brothers Beef, Mainely Poultry, Meadowcroft, Old Narrow Gauge Farm, Pine Tree Poultry, Springdale Farm,
Stock up at Pine Tree Poultry for those nights when you don't want to cook


Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood
Roasted smoked salmon from Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood -an eas y appetizer

Cheese and Dairy

Appleton Creamery, Chase Farm , Fuzzy Udder Creamery, Hahns End, Springdale Farm


Mainely Poultry, Sparrow Farm

Mainely Poultry lost a barn to fire recently; wiping out their ducks and many of their laying hens. Please share your support and good wishes, and be aware that they will not have ducks or eggs for a while. We will keep you posted as we learn more. Meanwhile eggs are available at Sparrow , sometimes at Goransons , and duck eggs can be had at Gracies Garden.
Chevre with herbs & spices, ready to go for a picnic at Appleton Creamery
Preserved and Premade

Alchimia, Goranson Farm, Gracies Garden ,
Jyang_Lee Kitchens,Old Narrow Gauge Farm,
Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood, Pine Tree Poultry,
Pleasant Pond Orchard, Sparrow Farm
Smoked chicken at Mainely Poultry-make quesadillas with Queso Tencho at Springdale, & salsa verde with tomatillos and peppers at Popps
Handcrafted , Homegrown

Big Barn Coffee, Goranson Farm , Jyang_Lee Kitchen, Mana Medicinals, Meadowcroft ,Mindful Gardens,Shepherds & Such , Sisters Soap, Tarbox Farm
Spokesperson Etta recommends Elderberry Syrup, at Mana Medicinals, so "you can be happy & healthy like me"


Musicians take vacations too! We have no one scheduled for tomorrow, but you never know..sometimes volunteers show up like this crew from 2016..
meanwhile, there is always, if you listen carefully, the voice of the riv er...
Hello everyone

Welcome to a summer market in full August mode.

We've got more tomatoes-and more kinds-than I can count. Fresh crunchy corn, cukes and melons, berries, peaches, greens and herbs galore.

This is a great time to cruise your cookbooks or wander Google for summer recipes to highlight your purchases. Try something new-ground cherries from New Roots perhaps, to treat your taste buds and slip into a whole range of new ideas.

Many of our vendors have farm stands, or are part of local festivals-ask them what;s "going on in their neck of the woods". This is a fine time to be right here-enjoy every moment.

and, as always, I welcome your comments, ideas, suggestions. Send them along to

Bon Appetit
P erfume your pantry, exhilarate
your taste buds, with some perfect peaches at Pleasant Pond Orchard
From our vendors

At Old Narrow Gauge , Amy is offering new preserves weekly. Try the plum or elderflower jam, the cherry jelly or that spicy jar of fiddleheads.

At Pleasant Pond Orchard , Larry has a bonanza of peaches, maybe a few plums. A few more blueberries, and a batch of blackberries expected this week. Definitely get there early.

Mindful Gardens has an alluring group of everlasting wreaths in hazy shades of purple to melt your heart and stage whisper welcome. And all those lovely baskets...
Decisions can be tough: choosing steaks at Kelley Brothers

Caitlin at Appleton is brimming with new ideas. Check out the of many favorites now here into buttons for ease of use and storage. Try her 4 pack of chipotle, herb, lime pepper and

Beryl's fruit pies are wildly popular in summer; but don't forget her staples-special in themselves. Try the Rugelach, rich & beguiling with almonds, cinnamon sugar and flaky pastry. Try it with a cup of rich organic coffee from Big Barn for a perfect morning...

If outdoor cooking is your joy, go talk to Tammy at Kelley Brothers about her beef-she offers steaks in 10 varieties, and other grill loving cuts as well.
Summer squash from Tarbox chunk up nicely with fresh herbs for pasta
At Tarbox , pick up some very fine eggplants to grill or roast into creamy goodness-venture into your Mediterranean rim or North African cookbook, or one from Greece, or India, to find recipes that make the most of this versatile beauty. Their lush herbs are great complements to many summer dishes.

Hootenanny has some fabulously not too doughy bagels, excellent bialys-definitely responsible for many flashbacks to Brooklyn, Staten Island, and environs. But their whole wheat croissants are equally authentic-and those chocolate ones-ooh la la. (Corny yes, but your mouth does not care)

At Mainely Poultry, the recent barn fire is responsible for some deficits. They are out of eggs, and no duck parts for the foreseeable future. Rosemarie may still have ground duck , worth a try for good flavor & versatility.
Try these nice watermelons from Popps in a salad with some bright and lively greens

Welcome back Micro Mainea. Judy has some happy new groups of lovely micro greens to share-it's amazing how full of flavor these little ones are.

Ready for the knife-tomatillos aspiring to salsa verde fame are to be had at Popps, where Helen also offers yellow and greens skinned watermelons, nicely sized.

Alchimia's small cakes add a festive note to any meal-buy 2, so you can offer choices! Light and full of flavor, they are satisfiers of the soul.
simple pleasures-classic chevre with fresh flowers at Fuzzy Udder
Versatile & brightly flavored
microgreens at Micro Mainea