April 2014 - Issue 32
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Universal Labeling Systems is North America's largest manufacturer of made-to-order labeling machinery.  Their line of standard and custom labeling systems are designed and built in St. Petersburg, Florida. MD Packaging is one of the original and largest distributors for Universal Labeling Systems in Canada.  We have had a partnership with them for over 25 years.

Things to consider when buying a labeling machine:

Searching for a way to label your product can be, at first glance confusing, and with the number of vendors out there, downright overwhelming. Simplify your buying decision by considering a few things when selecting labeling equipment.
  1. Focus on a solution to your labeling needs instead of selecting a labeler and then trying to make the machine fit your needs. You may be saying "Duh", but many folks will say, "I need a labeler" instead of "I need to apply labels to xyz" and "I need to label x number of products per day, week, or month". One way to narrow your vendor search is to find one who focuses on your labeling application, as opposed to one who starts out by pushing a particular machine. If the latter occurs, my advice to you is RUN!
  2. Find a vendor who has a wide array of solutions from small table top models up to mid and higher range labeling systems. By focusing on your practical needs, you will find that sometimes smaller and simpler is better. The easy rule of thumb is 6,500 products per day. This is not an exact science, but less than 6,500 labeled products per day is generally suited for a table top machine, and over 6,500 is a candidate for an automatic system.
  3. Once you honed in on a machine type, it's time to ask about the manufacturer. How long has the supplier been building labeling machines? How is their documentation? Do they have a comprehensive product manual? Do they have a Recommended Spare Parts List? How much of the manufacturing process is done in-house? And if at all possible, visit the manufacturing facility.
  4. How experienced is the manufacturer in modifying a machine? Most labeling applications require some modifications to either the product handling or label applicator. Even if your needs today are "vanilla", a manufacturer who can retrofit your machine the day that your products or labels change becomes vital. No one wants their labeling equipment to end up in the corner collecting dust.
  5. And last, but certainly not least; Service and Support. Be sure you're working with a manufacturer that has a long track record of service and support, even for made-to-order labeling systems. What is their warranty and performance guarantee? Be sure you can download product manuals from their web site, and call toll free for parts and speak to a real live, knowledgeable technician who knows the specific details about your labeling machine.
The Universal Line of Labeling Equipment

Product ShapeSemi-AutomaticAutomaticPrint & ApplyLabel Applicators
Front & BackR310 Front & BackCP SeriesUPA SeriesL30 Wipe On
OvalL60CP SeriesUPA SeriesL60 Tamp/Blow
Flat-sidedL60CP SeriesUPA SeriesSL1500 
CombinationCustomCP SeriesCustomSL2000

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information on any of the above equipment.  We would be happy to review your specific application!

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