Clean water for God's thirsty children
God's Little Bits

In my family, and I’m sure many others, ‘Little Bit’ was a common pet name. “Little Bit, come here… Little Bit, how about a donut?” As the Water With Blessings team has traveled to different countries, recruiting and training Water Women, we have heard similar terms of affection in many languages.

That is what Water With Blessings is all about: providing clean water to God’s thirsty ‘Little Bits.’ After all, at a time like this, some of the most vulnerable to the coronavirus are little ones under the age of 5 who drink dirty water.

At a time like now, with ongoing uncertainty and anxiety facing us, we look to God as we once looked to our earthly parents – for the reassurance that comes from feeling unconditional love. While we find ourselves in unprecedented realities, we are sharing the ongoing, troubling reality people face every day in other parts of the world.
Defending the 'Little Bits'
Please watch the video montage of children who through your generous gifts drink clean water and are in much better shape to fight against the coronavirus.

And please join us in prayerful support for those defenseless children around the world the children who still struggle.
And though each of you is facing financial uncertainty in your way, we remind you that a little bit will help us reach a lot of ‘Little Bits.’

That is why we’re asking people to become sustaining members: for a little bit of money ($12.50 per month) we can train and equip 2 Water Women each year who will help provide clean water for all the ‘Little Bits’ out there.

Also, we’re asking people to share this message with friends and help us find more people who will have a heart for these ‘Little Bits.’
A Beatitude Moment
We think there may be a lesson here from those (seemingly absurd-sounding) sayings in the Beatitudes. For one example: " How happy are the poor!"

Pondering those words with the coronavirus pandemic ever-present in our lives, perhaps we can begin to understand that happiness comes from having fewer things between ourselves and God. Maybe without hurdles in our way, we are able to hear God’s voice, and see God’s face in the faces around us.

While we don’t want to see ourselves and others suffer the ravages of poverty, let us consider the gifts we still have. Let’s try to give God room to enter our lives a little more, to become ‘Little Bits’ in God’s presence.
Our Coffee Chat is Catching On
Our first coffee chat went really well last Friday. Please consider joining us this coming Friday at 9am. It’s a time of prayer and mutual support in these troubling times.

This week we will focus our attention on how we account for the mothers and families who have received filters. This is part of our commitment to keeping you informed on what’s happening right now, and thank you for strengthening our community for mission.

Participating is simple. Click on the button below, and we will contact you with further information.
We believe every child should be drinking clean water. Are you with us?