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from RedRock Financial | July 2019
Will the Stock Market Go Down?
Yup!!! We're Sure of it!!
It's tough to ignore scary headlines and sound bites. But that's just what smart investors do to help their portfolios. Investing in both the stock and bond market carries risk and volatility, but disciplined investors also know it can be very rewarding.
It's likely that your risk profile will change throughout your lifetime. But proper planning before, during, and after retirement can make the day to day bumps in the market feel a lot smoother.

Wealth Around the Word

Net Worth by Country

America is the greatest country in the world; and one of the wealthiest. Though you may often compare yourself to 'the Joneses', consider yourself fortunate for all you have.
As you look around the world, the disparity between rich and poor countries is astounding. The link below shares the average net worth of adults around the world.

Economic Updates

Thinking of Leasing? Don't Die!!!

 Death May Not Get You Out of a Lease!

Sometimes it pays to read all the fine print. When it comes to leasing a car, older lessees may want to ask questions and read all the details of their contracts before signing on the dotted line.
In most cases, car loans and leases are binding -and even death won't relinquish you of your obligations to pay off the loan or lease agreement.
Many lenders view your death as an early termination of your agreement and require payment of the penalty fees associated with such an action. Additionally, many leasing companies don't allow a contract to be transferred.
So, before you sign a lease or take out a car loan find out what happens if you didn't live to the end of your contract!
Note: We have found one auto-maker who has made an exception to the rule: Mercedes.
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