Your Monthly News & Updates, March 2017
One out of every seven U.S. students missed enough school time to be considered chronically absent in 2013/14. Chronic absenteeism is a big problem, and in this newsletter, we examine the issue and share what we're doing to address it. Read on!
Some may think missing school, especially in earlier grades, is harmless. Well, research strongly indicates otherwise. In a short article, CNA Education's school crime and safety expert Simone Robers examines causes and consequences of chronic absenteeism and what data and research are still needed to effectively address the epidemic. She also discusses how research CNA Education is currently conducting could provide vital information about the state of absenteeism in the United States.
When she started her career as a kindergarten teacher, Simone Robers could not have imagined where her life journey would take her! Simone now has nearly a decade of experience in education research, analysis, and project management, and she is CNA Education's expert on school crime and safety. Since joining the team in 2015, Simone   has helped develop and execute the domestic business strategy and manage operations. In this interview, Simone shares about her journey from the classroom to the research field and why her work means so much to her.
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In this episode of STEMwire Live, CNA Education's associate director and school crime and safety expert Simone Robers discusses chronic absenteeism in K-12 schools and its link to college and career readiness. Chronic absenteeism (defined as missing 10 percent or more of the school year) is the single strongest predictor of dropping out of school, and it is of growing concern for educators and policymakers. Simone discusses the gaps in current absenteeism data and the importance of parental involvement in curbing the epidemic. She also shares a current CNA Education project that will provide a comprehensive picture of chronic absenteeism and truancy in public schools across the nation. 
About the series
STEMwire Live is CNA Education's podcast on how career and technical education (CTE) can be improved and supported through research and on the innovative people and CTE programs that are helping students prepare for success after high school.

STEMwire is a CNA Education initiative to provide the rigorous research and technical assistance needed to strengthen the research base on CTE and support current and developing CTE programs.
The CNA Education team is hitting the road later this month to participate in the Carnegie Summit on Improvement in Education in San Francisco, California. We will be participating in the poster session, so if you are there, we hope you'll stop by and connect in person!
Thank you for Making My CTE a Success!
Throughout CTE Month® (February), we encouraged students to share why they love CTE on social media, and we were astounded by the response! Students, teachers, and classes across the nation shared more than 80 selfies showing why they love CTE! We are so grateful to all who participated and contributed to the positive discourse around CTE. To see the photos, search for "#MyCTE" on Twitter and Instagram.
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We partnered with the Association of Career and Technical Education (ACTE) to bring you a special podcast featuring ACTE's Kevin Oshinskie. CNA Senior Policy Director  Lul Tesfai and Kevin discuss promising trends and innovative, successful practices in CTE. The duo also visit the next frontier for CTE and current CNA Education research. CNA Education recently launched an initiative called STEMwire, which aims to provide the rigorous research and technical assistance needed to strengthen the research base on CTE and support current and developing CTE programs. 
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