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Thinking of Starting a Podcast?

Over the past few months, I've had several people approach me to ask if I offer podcast-production services. It seems that more and more organizations are thinking of starting their own branded podcasts, and they're looking for practical advice on how to make it happen.

Well, with over 123+ episodes of The Worldly Marketer Podcast now under my belt, I can say that I've learned a few things, especially when it comes to the strategic side of podcasting.  So I've decided to make it official:

Verbaccino now offers podcast-production consulting!

From pre-launch strategy to post-launch sustainability, I'm looking forward to working with organizations who believe, as I do, that podcasting can be one of the most effective forms of content marketing. It does, however, require a clear vision and a solid commitment of time and resources to achieve your goals.

If you're looking for advice around launching and maintaining a podcast for your organization, let's talk!

You can email me to set up a free 30-minute consultation call.


Kathrin Bussmann
Founder & Principal at Verbaccino

International & Global Marketing News

For a curated selection of the latest news & views on Global Marketing Topics, check out Verbaccino's free magazine on Flipboard. It's a great free  resource, and I update it as often as possible.

for November 2018


Here are some of the important dates coming up this month:

November 1: All Saints' Day in Western Christianity

November 2:  All Souls' Day  in Western Christianity

November 4: End of Daylight Saving Time  in North America

November 6-7: Diwali in Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism & Buddhism

November 7: Bandi Chhor Divas in Sikhism

November 11: Singles' Day in Chinese culture

November 11: Remembrance Day / Armistice Day / Veterans Day

November 17: Eid-e-Shuja' in Shia Islam

November 20: 
Mawlid an-NabÄ« 
in Sunni Islam

November 22: Thanksgiving Day in the U.S.A.

November 23: Kartik Purnima  in Hinduism, Sikhism & Jainism

November 25: 
Mawlid an-NabÄ« 
in Shia Islam

These are just some of the international holidays & observances coming up in November. For the complete calendar, click here.

You can  download this calendar as a PDF document by clicking on the link, above,  and selecting "Save Page As".

Get  more details about any holiday or observance on the calendar  by clicking on the specific entry.

Did I miss any important dates?
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