Let's stay in touch.........
At Sage Therapeutic Massage we truly value and honor the commitment that each of you make towards maintaining your optimum health and well-being. As we strive to follow the current directives from National, State and Industry guidelines, we want to stay in touch with you all - to keep you updated on the status of our office and initiate some continuity of wellness. Similar to yourselves, and most parts of society right now, we're learning as we go. Here are some best practices and notes we thought might be helpful as you begin April.

  • We miss you deeply. While we are not physically in the office treating you know that we are thinking of you. We are cultivating as much positive energy as possible to send your way. We are trying to navigate what this new journey looks like personally and professionally. We miss seeing you and facilitating your healing.

  • HOPE. We are hopeful that when the time is right we will be back in the office doing what we love most. We will get through this ....."The best view comes after the hardest climb." Please know you will not lose your "spot" with us. We will be reaching out when we know we can begin treating again.

  • Sacred Space. We will implement additional safety practices to ensure the health and safety of all those we treat, including following all of the recommended CDC guidelines. It is our utmost goal to ensure you feel safe and comfortable coming into the office a receiving massage again.

  • Stay Active. We have had many conversations over the years about "self-care homework" to do after, and in between, your massage sessions. Well friends, now is the time to get some homework done. Move your body, get outside, stretch, practice yoga, take a bath, use that FOAM ROLLER....and stay hydrated. A dear friend and colleague is offering some amazing self care & massage techniques on her instagram page. We asked her if it was ok to share this with our clients and she said "share away!" Check her out @melissammarks. Experiment with what works best for you and if you have any questions about self-care, reach out to us.  

  • Stay Engaged. Sage Therapeutic Massage has a Facebook page. Check it out for tips on meditating, breathing, self-care & more. Many clients have reached out asking how can they help. Your voice of support is welcomed. Please consider writing a favorable review for our Facebook page or for our website. Email: maslayton@comcast.net
"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain"
Above all, we wish you good health. Our hope is to provide you with a sense of encouragement and wellness as we are all adapting to these life changes. Please reach out to say hello or share any suggestions, comments or feedback.
Strength, Courage & Peace to you all.

With Love,
Maureen, Katie & Christine
Sage Therapeutic Massage