Hello dear client,

During this coronavirius lockdown probably like most of you, I’ve gotten used to walking in my neighborhood. My walks are so much more pleasant, and time just flies when I listen and get inspired by my go to podcasts but today was different, I couldn’t find my earbuds. After searching high and low and still no success, I decided to just go without. 

As I started my walk, the first thing I discovered was that I was much more present. First with my breath, then with the neighborhood, Wildwood area has some very beautiful homes with amazing landscapes. We have also had some very beautiful days lately with blue sky, vibrant green trees and an abundance of blooming plants making it very hard to stay indoors. As I was walking, I recognized that nature does its thing. There is an abundance of life, growth and continuum regardless of what’s happening to us humans.

Since our lockdown it is common to see homes with three or more cars parked in the driveway. Families with parents and their small children, teenagers and college kids all staying put and making the best of this situation, together.  As I thought of these people in their homes, I realized this was a perfect time for me to do my “Metta” practice. In mindfulness, this is “loving kindness” practice. Right here and now, I can help these people by sending them loving and kind thoughts.

So, as I walked, I imagined everyone in their homes, and I recited silently within me and projecting it out to everyone, over and over, I said:
“May you be healthy and strong”
“May your fears and anxiety dissolve”
“May you feel comforted and know you are not alone”
“May you have inner strength”
“May you be happy and joyful”
“May you have abundance and prosperity”

And then I imagined all people, in our state, in our country and in the world and sent out this loving kindness wish to all. This was certainly the one of the best days since the lockdown. No matter where we are or what we are doing we can always send out loving and kind thoughts to anyone and everyone.

I send these wishes to all of you! May you be safe, healthy and strong! May we be in this together with kindness and love for ourselves, our families, friends and neighbors. We are one and there are no boundaries. 

With love,

 Massage Day, it is my favorite day of the week