THIRD Business Action Step for
"The Essential Women's Movement for African American Women"

My Business Story 
and  How I Figured 
Out My Calling

July 13, 2017

by Cathy Harris, The Ethical Black Business Coach

Write Down All the Titles You Could 
Have Easily Stepped Into

For me it's the below titles that I could have easily stepped into, however, they weren't my   PASSION, so pay attention because whatever you do needs to be your PASSION! 

Roles I could have stepped into include:
  • Pocketbook Empire: When I was a young girl, I used to crochet purses and sell them. Little did I know that I was a business owner, but I had no adult in my life to push me to keep doing this. Today I am the only business owner out of my 9 siblings.
  • Seamstress: In high school I took home economics and for my sewing project, I made a man's tuxedo. But I regret never teaching my two daughters to sew.
  • Photographer: For years before I fell in love with writing, I was an avid photographer. I always had some type of camera with me everywhere I went and even collected picture frames. I also took a couple of classes at one time and was really looking at landscape photography. This is why I enjoy nature so much today.
  • Greeting Card Designer: For years I would disappear in the greeting card section in grocery stores and other stores because of my love for greeting cards. My co-workers would always laugh at me because I always had a stack of greeting cards on hand to hand out in time of joy and grief. They even nick-named me "Ms. Hallmark."
  • Calligraphy: Calligraphy is the art of writing. For a minute I dabbled with calligraphy and have been told I have a very nice handwriting. You can get into this business and work with individuals or companies to design stylist lettering for your clients.
  • Firearms Coach: When I was in the military and when I worked for Customs and Border Protection for over 20 years, I was an expert shot so I could have easily become a firearms coach or instructor. However, I have always disliked cleaning weapons.
  • Public Relations Expert: When I became a business owner, I read every book in America on Business, Marketing and Public Relations (PR) and when I became a whistleblower, I launched my own story in the media and ended up with major national and international coverage, so I could have easily become a Public Relations (PR), Marketing or Media Expert. 
 What Were You Good At in School?

Most people, even Generation X's and Baby Boomers, don't understand to come up with a business idea, sometimes you have to go back to school to figure this out. What were you good at in school that you can put into a legitimate business today?

I was told I was very good in English, which was my favorite subject so I enjoyed writing and rearranging sentences so eventually I became a writer, freelancer, blogger and syndicated columnist. Most writers go on to write books and become speakers.
  • Math Tutor: If you are good in math, then become a Financial Expert because there is a shortage of these experts in black communities or start your own tutoring business out of your home with relatives then move the business to bookstores, community centers, libraries, and learning centers to gain more clients.
  • Reading Classes: If you have a love for reading then teach others how to read in your own tutoring business. If you can't read you can't fill out a college or job application or become a business owner.
  • Writing Classes: Since they have taken cursive out of most schools, people still need to be able to sign their names and write so start a community writing class. If you can't write you can't fill out a college or job application, or start a business, especially if you can't use a computer, so it's important to know how to compose sentences.
  • Computer Classes: If you are good with computers, then teach others, especially adults in Adult Education Classes, Senior Citizen Centers, Community Classes and other locations, how to use computers. You can even go into homes and teach more than one person at one time. Get at least 5 or more clients on Saturdays and charge anywhere from $60.00 to $80.00 or more an hour for a 2 to 3 hour training session. You can take this further and do the same thing with a photography class, training, training, etc. The sky is the limit!
  • Speaking Classes: If you are a good speaker, then get your own internet radio show, especially at "Blog Talk Radio" ( for $40.00 a month or start a local speaking group that you can franchise later such as a Toastmasters group, but name it something else.
  • Science Classes: If you are good in science many students go into the medical field, but not just as doctors or nurses, but occupational therapy, physical therapy, and holistic and naturopathic healing, etc.
  • History Classes: If you enjoyed history in school then become a historian and get your own line of lectures, seminars and workshops with your books (e-books, paperback, and audiobooks). Make powerpoint presentations for the audience. People are waiting to learn from you!
Listen To What People Say To You
  • I was always told I was great at writing letters, especially when I had to write letters to financial aid offices, when both my daughters went to college back to back, to seek out funds for college. Because of my letters, my daughters received free grants on several occasions.
  • I wrote letters to my Congressmen and Senators because of workplace abuse.
  • I wrote letters to my mortgage company after filing two bankruptcies.
  • I was told that my e-newsletters, especially "The National Black Agenda Online" contained great information and that people loved reading them. 
  • I am told today that my e-newsletters are written very well with great content/info.
Write Down Past Titles
In deciding how to reinvent yourself or which career to launch write down all the past titles that you have held in your lifetime. Somewhere in those titles is a new potential career.
Here are my titles:
Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner, Business Coach/Consultant, Minority Business Developer, Small Business Specialist, CEO of Angels Press, President of Angels Press, Publisher of Angels Press, Empowerment Speaker, Motivational Speaker, Non-GMO Health and Wellness Expert, Health Coach/Consultant, Whistleblower, Truth-Teller, Former U.S. Customs Inspector, Former U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officer, Author, Freelance Writer, Syndicated Columnist, Discrimination Coach/Consultant, Workplace Coach/Consultant, Copywriter, Editor, Proofreader, Typesetter, Book Critic, Multi-Level Marketing Fraud Expert, Veteran, Photographer, Expert Witness, Political Consultant, Public Relations/Marketing/Media Expert, Investigative Reporter, Panelist, Facilitator, Moderator, Internet Radio Host, Broadcaster, Radio Announcer, Manager, Supervisor, Teacher, Educator, Professional Advisor, Arbitrator, Spokesperson, Visionary, Leader, Community Organizer, Human Rights Advocate or Humanitarian, Mentor, Youth Organizer, Child Advocate, Woman Advocate, Activist, Advocate, Advocate for Justice, Freedom Fighter, Warrior, Tarot Reader and Advisor, Black Farmer, Nubian Queen, Mother, Sister, Aunt, Cousin, Black Woman, Former Black Teenager, Former Black Child 

Next List 3 Things That You Are Really Good At
  1. Writing
  2. Speaking
  3. Coaching
Remember, just because you have talents and are good at something, doesn't mean you need to start a business around your talents, however, these talents should help you market your business, which you should be doing at least 75% of your time to gain more customers and clients.

What Do You Enjoy Doing
  1. Writing
  2. Speaking
  3. Coaching
  4. Giving Seminars and Workshops
  5. Photography
  6. Reading
  7. Surfing the web
  8. Working out
  9. Traveling
  10. Attending groups.
When you enjoy doing something, researching it, reading about it, then chances are that's your PASSION so start a business around your PASSION.

What's Your Hobbies?
  1. Photography
  2. Hiking
  3. Traveling
  4. Attending Metaphysical Events
You can take your hobbies and put them into legitimate businesses. You can start off part-time or full time.

Next Write Down Your Strengths       & Weaknesses
Next don't be afraid to write down your strengths and weaknesses. 

Here are my  strengths:
  • Has passion for people
  • Has passion for business
  • Has good customer service skills (always return phone calls, emails, etc.)
  • Has professional web presence (websites, blogs, social media sites, etc.)
  • Has good business slogans
  • Is a good speaker
  • Is a good writer with good content in e-newsletters
  • Speak and teach on good topics - GMOs/Health, Business, Police Interactions, Credit Repair, Mandatory Vaccinations, How To Write A Book, etc.
  • Has creditable and reputable history of integrity as a Whistleblower
  • Has national and international online presence since 1998
  • Very mobile as a Speaker, Author, and Coach
  • Retired at the age of 48 now 60 and is in good health
  • Has low tolerance for people who disrespect others, especially elders.
  • I am a baby boomer so I am not familiar with all the latest technology.
Cathy Harris is the author of the business books "How To Take Control of Your Own Life: A Self-Help Guide to Starting Your Own Business"  and   "The New CEO: 185 Easy-To-Set Up Businesses for Youth And Adult Entrepreneurs"  and 22 other books. She is also known as "The Ethical Black Business Coach" . She is available for Business Seminars, Workshops and Consultations and can be reached through her empowerment and publishing company,  Angels Press, P.O. 19282, Austin, TX 78760,  Phone: (512) 909-7365, Website:
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This book not only lays out several action plans to gain access to good, clean, organic foods, but it will help all family members gain access to job and business opportunities, while they eliminate food deserts in their communities.
Face it we will never get back to totally living off the land like our ancestors did, but families must come together today for the sake of future generations. We need to seriously look at solutions because this is the first generation that will not outlive their parents. However, there are economically-empowered ways we can feed, clothe and shelter our own families. 
Food is not always only about the most expedient way to suppress hunger. Many community organizations have long understood this and believe that food access and quality is tied to both racial and economic justice.
Over the past few years we have heard quite a bit about food deserts, or high poverty areas where a lack of grocery stores makes it difficult for residents to purchase fresh food. However, we know far less about the food realities of people who live near grocery stores where fresh food is sold, but because of their limited  incomes, they simply cannot afford it.
Affordable healthy food is an issue of both equity and justice that disproportionally affects working-class and poor people of color in cities and rural areas. Reducing the economic necessity for some to rely so heavily on food that is unhealthy, is not only a tool for fighting health concerns, there are other benefits too.
Time and time again it shows when many schools team up with healthy venues and swap out soda machines and offer instead -- juices, water and low-sugar energy drinks and also prepared meals entirely free of additives and chemicals, but with abundant amounts of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole-grain breads, this have led to reduced behavioral problems, higher grades, lower expulsion rates, decreases in the use of ADD prescription drugs, and teachers are reporting that the students were more attentive and could concentrate for longer periods of time. 
Gaining access to clean, sustainability, grown food is a basic human right so we need venues to offer education to inspire family members to live healthy lives, by offering hands-on education in urban farming, sustainability, and nutrition and this is what this book will do.

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